Keep an updated playback history using's scrobbling service
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Advertisement Scrobbler was created for people who listen to music online through their browser, and would like to keep an updated playback history using's scrobbling service. You should authorize with by clicking on a notification which is displayed when the extension is firstly installed. The scrobbler status is shown on the right side of the address bar. Optionally you can enable desktop notifications of now playing songs. You can manually correct the song title by clicking on the scrobbler icon, if the song doesn't get recognized. You can also edit now playing song using "Edit" link in the info popup.



  1. How can I start using the extension?

    You should click on a notification that is shown when the extension is loaded first time. Then, you should grant access to your account.

    Note: In some cases, the notification won't be shown, e.g. on Mac OS if Chrome is running in full-screen mode; the extension will open a tab where you can grant access to your account.

  2. How do I temporarily disable extension from scrobbling songs?

    You can do that by clicking on the "Toogle" checkbox on the options page.

  3. How can I disable the now playing notifications?

    Now playing notifications are enabled by default, but you can disable them on the options page.

  4. The song was not recognized by extension. Can you fix it?

    Actually YOU can fix it. :)

    When a song cannot be recognized, a gray icon with question mark appears at the right side of the address-bar. You can click on this icon and input correct data in the opened popup window.

    Also, there's an option called "Force song recognition" that makes the extension to force scrobbling the song even if song is not validated by

  5. Where I can find the change-log of new versions?

    The change-log is available at

  6. Is the Scrobbler extension also available for the Firefox?

    The extension is available for Firefox, but it isn't available on You can download the extension and install it at

  7. Some musics on Bandcamp cannot be scrobbled. Is it possible to fix this?

    Looks like the music is hosted on a custom domain and we cannot detect whether it’s Bandcamp or not.

    As a workaround, configure the extension to work with custom domains as follows:

    1. Open the extension setting page and expand the “Options” section,
    2. Find the Bandcamp connector in the list of supported services,
    3. Click on the gear icon near the connector label,
    4. Add URL pattern that matches the Bandcamp custom domain URL and apply the changes.

    You can learn more about the custom URL patterns on…/Custom-URL-patterns



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