Extension Manager With Profiles Manager your addons in different profiles
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The "Extension Manager with Profiles" is a lightweight extension to help you manager your addons from a toolbar panel. The extension allows you to define multiple profiles in which you can disable or enable particular extensions to free up the toolbar area and optimize your work area.



  1. What is Addon Manager with Profiler extension and how does it work?

    Addon Manager with Profiler aims to provide an easy way to access all your extensions from within a toolbar panel. People usually install many extensions, but most of these extensions are not always required and just get some area of your browser toolbar plus overload the browser. Using Addon Manager with Profiler you can define multiple profiles for instance for you work and home. If you are not using some extensions in some situations, simply disable them on a profile. Whenever you need them switch back to the defined profile and all extensions will be enabled. This way you can free up your toolbar area whenever extensions are not needed also having the minimum number of extensions helps your browser function smoother.

  2. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  3. Why in Firefox, I cannot see the list of all installed add-ons?

    Well, Firefox browser supports two types of extensions. Extensions can be bootstrapped (restartless), or traditional. There is no point on adding the traditional extensions in the list as disabling or enabling them requires browser restart.

  4. What is the usage of profiles and how can I create a new profile?

    Profiles can be used for two main purposes: They help you free up your toolbar area by disabling unnecessary extensions and they help your browser run smoothly with the minimum required number of extensions

  5. When I create a new profile what would be the default status of the installed extensions?

    When a new profile is created, the enable and disable status of extensions are copied from the currently selected profile.

  6. If I disable or enable an extension from addon manager, does Addon Manager with Profiler respect my changes?

    Yes, your current profile will be updated as soon as you open the toolbar panel.

  7. What is the meaning of the character printed on the label of the toolbar button?

    Addon Manager with Profiler prints the first letter of the profile name in the badge area. If mouse is hovered over the toolbar button the full name is displayed as well.

  8. Can I change the width or hieght of the panrl?

    Yes, open options page. There are two settings related to the panel dimension there.

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What's new in this version

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    Editorial Review

    With the continuous development of convenient add-ons to make your search over the internet effective and efficient, arranging these add-ons might be a bit difficult. Most people get confused which add-on to use for which situation. Without any doubt, these add-ons have been created for an easy web search, however, if not managed properly, these add-ons may be a nuisance for people. You might have different add-ons for different social networking websites and you might only use these frequently. Searching through a large number of add-ons to find the one you need to use is confusing and a hassle. This is where Addon Manager comes in play.

    Addon Manager is a convenient add-on itself which is created solely for one purpose, managing and organizing your add-ons for you. You need to arrange your add-ons according to your usage. Addon Manager is an extension which lets you do this in a quick and effective way. It gives you access to all your add-ons from a single toolbar panel. You can disable and enable individual add-ons according to your requirements. You can manage your add-ons according to their fields such as social add-ons can be put in a separate place and others in a different place. You can also make different profiles for add-ons from the same category. On top of that, you can enable and disable a profile to disable or enable all add-ons in that profile, at once. This convenient extension prevents your toolbar from cluttering with unnecessary add-on and extensions. The Addon Manager version 0.1.0 can help you improve the performance of your browser by managing your add-ons and extensions.

    I would recommend this add-on to everyone, especially people who are looking for a way to manage all their necessary, as well as, unnecessary add-ons and improving their browser's performance.

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