AdHost An ad-blocker add-on that uses hostname matching
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"AdHost" uses hostname matching to block ads on all web pages except those that are whitelisted. In this method, a predefined list of hostnames for known advertisers or analytic providers is being blocked. Since text matching is all that is done to block or allow a hostname, this method is faster and less memory bloat compared to RegExp method that add-ons like uBlock, Adblock, or Adblock Plus use. You can use the options page to whitelist a domain (no resource is blocked in tabs with this hostname) or add more hostnames to the blacklist.


  1. What is "adHost" extension and how does it work?

    Normally ad-blocking add-ons rely on a RegExp based list of hostnames, domains, or keywords as the source to match the URLs that are requested against this list to either allow or reject the requests. In this extension, instead, a predefined list of hostnames that are known is matched against all the requested hostnames. This method is faster for sure but might not be as powerful as the RegExp alternative. Based on a few days of using this add-on, the hostname matching is sufficient for everyday usage. Although I recommend installing a popup blocker add-on along with this extension to have the full protection.

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  3. What is the default hostname list? Can I expand the list?

    By default, the extension adds all the hostnames listed in,, and You can extend this list by adding comma separated list of additional hostnames from the options page. Also, you can completely disable the extension in a certain top hostname pages by adding the name of it to the whitelist section.

    To check a hostname, open the options page. There is a textbox to check whether a hostname is going to be blocked or not. If not, you can add it into the list

  4. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  5. How can I report a new malicious hostname?

    Please open a bug report in the GitHub repository or add a comment in the review section

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