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The "Alarm, Timer and Stopwatch" extension is a browser extension to manager your schedules. It supports alarm, stopwatch and timer functionalities. Each function can be managed on its own tab. The alarm tab accepts adjusting multiple alarms. Each alarm can be either one-time alarm or weekly-recursive. The user can adjust one or multiple days for each alarm. Also, each alarm can be configured to snooze the alert 3 times with 5-minute delay to get the user-attention. Each entry in the alarm view can be enabled or disabled. The stopwatch view is used to set a stopwatch. This view does not have any notifications. It is only used to measure the time that is passed from the starting point. The "lap" button supports measuring the times between. The timer view can notify the user after the pre-defined period is over. Similar to the alarm view, when the period is over, the user gets a desktop notification with alarm to grab the attention.



  1. What is the "Alarm, Timer and Stopwatch" add-on and how can I use it?

    This extension is meant to bring the alarm application in Android devices to your browser. It supports "alarm", "timer" and "stopwatch" functionalities that are popular between apps of this type. The alarm tab can be used to manage schedules. Start with the "+" button to define a new alarm job. In this view, you can define the time (hours and minutes) and the days. The hour is in 24-hour format. Minutes can be between 00 to 59. If no day is checked, the alarm is a one-time alarm which only fires once all the criteria match. If the user sets one or multiple days, then the alarm would be week-recursive which means it fires once per week for each selected days at the configured time. There is a snoozing checkbox too to snooze the alarm sound if the user is not dismissing the desktop notification on the first occurrence. If snoozing is selected, you will get up to 2 subsequent sound notifications..

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  3. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  4. How can I stop the sound notification?

    When an alarm fires or a timer is over, this extension displays a desktop notification for each occurrence. Along with the desktop notification, an alarm sound is also played. This sound can be dismissed when the desktop notification is closed or when the extension's popup is opened. Note that currently there is no option to disable the sound notification. Also for the alarm notifications, only if snoozing is enabled, you will get 3 sound notifications with 5-minute delay if the desktop notification is not dismissed.

  5. Does this extension work if I close my browser window?

    If all your browser windows are closed, but your browser is still running in the background, you should get the notifications just fine. Note that if the browser is terminated, you will not get any notifications. This extension can resume notifications if the browser restarts.

  6. The alarm sound is just too loud for me. Can I reduce the volume?

    Go to the options page of the extension and reduce the volume level. You can use a value between zero and 100. Zero means that the volume is muted.

  7. Sometimes when an alarm fires, I want to stop the notification and the sound for now but get notified later about this event as a reminder. Is it possible?

    Yes, on the notification for each event that this extension generates, there are two buttons to snooze the current event after 5 or 10 minutes (currently not supported on Firefox version).

  8. Can I export my alarms to another machine?

    Go to the options page of the extension and export preferences. This will generate a JSON file for you. On any machine that you want to set alarms, import this JSON file. You can even use the exported JSON file as a backup of this extension's preferences.

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