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The "Audio Joiner" extension is a tool to combine segmented tracks in a single playable media file that can be used in any common media player. Since streaming media files takes some time until the most portion of the media is fetched by your browser, nowadays media providers usually prefer to split a single media file into segmented tracks. This way they can provide the first small segment and start the player right away without waiting for other segments to be ready. While the user is listening to this segment, the subsequent segments are being fetched and push to the player's buffer. This is a really efficient method to listen to media tracks online however, there is a mess how to join these tracks together. The "Audio Joiner" extension aims to fix this problem by providing an intuitive UI for merging audio files with an optional user-defined delay.



  1. What is the "Audio Joiner" add-on and how can I use it?

    This extension joins multiple media files into a single playable media track that can be used with any media player. As the input, you have to provide the extension with multiple media files that are supposed to be joined together. The extension then converts each media file in a PCM buffer and then concentrate these PCM buffers in a single audio buffer. If the user has requested merging with delay, then delay also offsets these PCM buffers while joining. The final audio buffer then is converted into the well-known lossless WAV format. You can either play the audio in the "Downloads" section or directly download it and play with an external player. Note that this extension supports "Keep Playing" option which helps to play added tracks one by one to make sure they are in the correct order. You can use the 3-dot button to drag and drop the media tracks to the right order. When ordering is set and the proper delay is applied, press the "Join" button for the extension to start the conversion and joining. Note that to add new tracks to the UI you can either use the "Add Files(s)" button or simply drop multiple files into the UI. If a file is added by mistake, use the "close" button next to each entry to remove it.

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  3. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  4. Why does this extension use WAV format for its output?

    WAV is a lossless format that is nothing but the actual real amplitude of audio wave which is stored in a binary array. This is the most basic format and hence very easy to get manipulated. This extension joins multiple audio buffers in a single array and then converts into the WAV format by just adding the proper headers. This format can be easily converted to any other formats. Note that most of the audio formats are lossy which means the quality of the output may be a bit less than the original track. However, the WAV output of this extension is not lossy and hence has the very same quality as the inputs. Anyhow if the output is too big or for any reason you prefer MP3 format, use MP3 Converter extension.

  5. What is the "Delay" option in the Settings section? Why do I need it?

    This option tells the extension to add a positive or negative delay between tracks. The positive delay is used to insert a pause between the tracks and the negative one is used to overlap two adjacent segments. Sometimes the input audio segments are not perfectly split and hence there is an overlap between them. You can use the negative delay to remove these overlaps. Note that you can apply the delay and then request the extension to merge and listen to the result in the "Downloads" section. Change the delay and join again until you get the perfect output without any pinch.

  6. Is it possible to change the order of the segmented tracks when bulk joining them to the UI?

    Yes, the 3dot button on each entry can be used to change the ordering. simply press your mouse button and change the orders.

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