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The "Speedy Bookmarks Search" extension aims to bring a Google-like search engine to your browser's bookmark manager. When you have hundreds of bookmarks stored, it gets really hard to find a matching term, right? This extension intends to solve this problem. The idea is to change the way that bookmark managers are used. Instead of pressing several mouse clicks to browse the bookmark tree and find a bookmark, just open the search UI and type a few words. This extension has a very powerful search indexing tool that finds the most relevant bookmark entries for you. You can use the arrow up and arrow down keys to select other matches and use the Enter key to open the bookmark in a new browser tab. To open the bookmark in the active tab press the Shift + Enter key combination.



  1. What is the "Advanced Bookmark Search" add-on and how can I use it?

    This extension indexes all your bookmark entries once and update its database when a bookmark gets edited, or a new bookmark is created, or a bookmark is removed. Since the extension has persistent storage, it does not use any CPU time once the indexing is over. Note that the initial indexing might take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the total number of bookmarks you have in the bookmark manager of your browser. After the initial indexing is over, the extension can find your matching terms pretty much instantly. You will get more info about the total number of matches as well as the total number of bookmark items you have when performing a new search. To use the extension you can press the toolbar button to bring the search engine popup. Now start to type your query. This extension supports real-time searching and also you can write the terms partially as it supports both partial matching and wildcard matching. After a search is being performed, the first 30 most relevant results are being shown in the popup. Use the arrow up and arrow down keys to select the one that you are looking to. Then press the Enter key to open the bookmark in a new browser tab. Shift + Enter is used to open the bookmark in the current tab.

  2. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  3. Can I open the bookmark in the currently active tab instead of a new page?

    Yes, use Shift + Enter to open the bookmark in the currently active tab. If you prefer to open the bookmark in the background page next to the currently active tab, use Ctrl + Enter on Windows/Linux and Command + Enter on Mac.

  4. How does the extension searches among all my bookmarks? Is there any server-side interactions?

    This extension works completely offline. The database is stored in a IndexedDB storage and can be accessed even if you are not connected to the internet. This extension internally uses the well-known Xapian library that is compiled to JavaScript. This library is one of the most powerful tools to create search engines. The extension uses bookmark title, bookmark URL and bookmark creation date for indexing bookmarks. Each term can be used with keyword prefix to limit the matches more accurately. Read the searching operators for more info. Note that this extension has a built-in tool to detect the language of each bookmark entry.

  5. What are the supported languages?

    At this point the extension supports language parsing for "arabic", "armenian", "basque", "catalan", "danish", "dutch", "earlyenglish", "english", "finnish", "french", "german", "german2", "hungarian", "indonesian", "irish", "italian", "kraaij_pohlmann", "lithuanian", "lovins", "nepali", "norwegian", "porter", "portuguese", "romanian", "russian", "spanish", "swedish", "tamil", "turkish".

    Note that upon searching a new query, the extension detects the most possible input language of the query and uses that language to parse the query

  6. What are the searching operators that I can use?

    • AND and NOT: will return results that contain both 'term1' and 'term2'.
    • XOR (exclusive OR): will return results that contain either 'term1' or 'term2', but not both.
    • OR: will return results that contain either 'term1' or 'term2'.
    • Brackets: Change search ordering like term1 AND (term2 OR term3)
    • NEAR: will return results where term1 is within 10 words of term2.
    • ADJ: will return results where term1 is within 10 words of term2, but in the same order as in the query
    • Phrases: According to the Xapian documentation a phrase surrounded with double quotes (like this: "my phrase") will return results that match everything containing "that exact phrase"

    Note that you can combine search operators with keywords too.

  7. Can I limit my search results to the title of bookmarks only?

    This extension supports url, hostname, and title keyboard prefixes. For instance to limit the search matches that have word "example" in their title use title:example query. You can append this query with search operators to extend or limit the matches even more.

  8. Can I open the bookmark search in a standalone popup window instead of the browser's popup window?

    If your browser supports custom keyboard shortcuts, open the extension manager and set the one for this extension. This way the extension opens its user interface in a standalone window instead. When a matching term is found press the Enter key to open it and close the UI. You can also always use the Escape key to close this popup window.

  9. Keyboard shortcuts:

    This extension currently supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

    • Enter: Open selected entry or open all entries in the storage
    • Shift + Enter: Open selected entry in the active tab (if you have entries in the storage they will be ignored)
    • Alt + Enter: Add selected entry to the storage (remove it if it is already there); You can see the total number of items in the storage in the tooltip area. All entries in the storage are marked with blue color.
    • Meta + Enter: Open selected entry or all entries in background tabs
    • Meta + Number: Jump to the entry

  10. Can I reset the database of the extension and reindex all entries?

    As of version 0.2.0, you can use the right-click context menu over the action button to wipe the entire database. The extension reindexes from scratch once the interface is opened.

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