Bookmarks Commander A blazing-fast bookmarks manager and viewer that works similar to NC or Total Commander
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The "Bookmarks Commander" extension is a two-pane bookmarks manager for your browser which lets the user move items between the two panes with a keyboard shortcut. The extension is meant to simplify the bookmark management by providing keyboard shortcuts for all the supported actions. The extension also can be used as a bookmarks viewer. Both panes remember the last seen locations so you can have access to two directories instantly. You can ask the extension to open one or multiple bookmarks on background tabs with Ctrl/Command + Enter key. To open the currently selected bookmark in the active pane, simply press the Enter key. To move multiple items to a new location use Ctrl/Command + Click on all items to select them. You can perform all operations on the selected list. For instance, you can copy all the links to the clipboard, or even open them all. The interface of the extension can get opened in a browser tab or a single standalone window, or even in the browser action's popup view. To change the mode use the right-click context menu items over the browser action's button.



  1. What is the "Bookmarks Commander" add-on and how can I use it?

    This is an NC-liked bookmarks manager that simplifies operations such as moving items between two panes. If an operation is permitted, its button is active on the toolbar section. Note that all the operations that this extension supports have an assigned keyboard shortcut. All the shortcuts start with "Ctrl" on Windows and Linux operating systems and "Command" on the Mac operating system. The key that is needed to be pressed is underlined in the commands section. For instance, to copy the links of selected items in the active pane press the Ctrl + C or Command + C combination. You can see the shortcut of each action by placing your mouse over the designated button. This extension can copy the links, titles, or bookmark unique ids of the selected items, move them to the other pane, or open them in background tabs. Also, it can create new bookmarks and directories if it is permitted. To open a bookmark in the active tab use the Enter key. To open in a background tab use Ctrl + Enter or Command + Enter keys. To toggle between the two panes use the Tab key. The active pane can be easily distinguished by its white background color. You can also use Ctrl + 1 or Command + 1 to move to the left pane and Ctrl + 2 or Command + 2 to move to the right pane. All the operations except the moving between panes are being performed on the active pane. To use the extension as a bookmarks viewer, switch each pane to a frequently used directory. Then use the left and right arrow keys to navigate between panes and up and down keys to select items (you can alternatively use the first character of the bookmark or directory name for the selection to jump to the nearest match). Now press the Enter key to open the selected item in the current tab. Note that if this extension is going to be used as a bookmarks viewer, it is recommended to change the opening mode to "popup" mode so that the extension opens as a popup window. You can even assign a keyboard shortcut for the opening of the extension's interface in the extensions manager window of your browser.

  2. recommended "Spoof Geolocation" extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers

    This extension alters the reported GEO location by your browser. You can provide your custom latitude and longitude to any website to improve privacy or get localized data from a custom location. This extension is also useful if you have a SOCKS proxy on your browser to have a consistent IP address with the GEO data. Read more here.

  3. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  4. Why are the moving buttons disabled on the root directory?

    No extension is allowed to modify the root directory of bookmarks. This is your browser limitation to keep the root directory clean.

  5. keyboard shortcuts:

    Open in TabPress the Enter key or Double-click
    Open in BackgroundPress Ctrl + Enter or Command + Enter or Ctrl + Double-click or Command + Double-click
    Open in WindowPress Shift + Enter or Shift + Double-click
    Open in Incognito WindowPress Shift + Meta + Enter or Shift + Meta + Double-click
    Focus Left PanePress Ctrl + 1 or Command + 1 or use the left-arrow key
    Focus Right PanePress Ctrl + 2 or Command + 2 or use the right-arrow key
    Toggle PanesUse the Tab key
    Copy LinksUse Ctrl + C or Command + C
    Copy TitlesUse Ctrl + X or Command + X
    Copy IDsUse Ctrl + I or Command + I
    DuplicateUse Ctrl + U or Command + U. Duplicates selected nodes of the active pane after the last selected node of the inactive pane
    Find a QueryUse Ctrl + F or Command + F
    Find Duplicated BookmarksUse Ctrl + Shift + F or Command + Shift + F. Alternatively, use the "duplicates" keyword on the search bar to find all duplicated bookmarks in the current directory and subdirectories.
    Move to Left PaneUse Ctrl + Left-Arrow key
    Move to Right PaneUse Ctrl + Right-Arrow key
    Navigate Parent DirectoryUse Backspace key
    Select First ItemUse Home key
    Select Last ItemUse End key
    Create BookmarkUse Ctrl + B or Command + B combination. Note that you should provide both the bookmark title and its link to create a new bookmark.
    Create DirectoryUse Ctrl + D or Command + D
    Reset to RootUse Ctrl + O or Command + O to reset both panes. Use Ctrl + Shift + O or Command + Shift + O for the active pane.
    Edit a TitleUse Ctrl + T or Command + T
    Edit a LinkUse Ctrl + L or Command + L
    Delete a BookmarkUse Ctrl + Delete or Command + D
    Select All Editable EntriesCtrl + A or Command + A
    Add to SelectionPress Ctrl/Command/Shift + Up/Down Arrow Key (for instance Ctrl + Up Arrow Key appends the previous item in the active pane to the selection)
    Remove from SelectionPress Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down Arrow Key (for instance Ctrl Shift + Up Arrow Key removes one selected entry from top of the active pane (reverse of Ctrl + Up Arrow Key))
    Mirror Inactive PaneUse Ctrl + M or Command + M combination. Use Ctrl + Shift + M or Command + Shift + M on a selected directory to navigate the inactive pane. Use Alt + M to open the selected path folder in opposite pane (useful on search views), and use Use Alt + Shift + M to open the selected path folder in the current pane
    Sync two PanesUse Ctrl + Shift + S or Command + Shift + S combination. Syncs bookmarks of two different panes and selects the newly inserted bookmarks on each pane. This action does not sync directories.
    Sort active PaneUse Ctrl + J or Command + J for A-Z sorting and use Ctrl + Shift + J or Command + Shift + J for Z-A sorting. To perform custom sorting use Alt + J and to perform reverse use Alt + Shift + J. In the custom mode, the extension sorts based on user input with arbitrary level (e.g. sort by name, then sort by link)
    Command PromptUse Ctrl + S or Command + S to display the command prompt. A prompt is displayed that accepts your input. Use icon= command to change the color of the browser action's icon. Use font-size= command to change the default font-size of the view. Use font-family= command to change the default font family of the view. Use views= command to switch between single- and 2-pane views. Use column-widths= command to alter the column widths of "Name", "Added", and "Modified" columns. By not providing values for these commands you can reset the command to the default value. For instance type column-widths= and press the Enter key to reset column widths to the default values.
    Export BookmarksUse Ctrl + Y or Command + Y to export selected bookmarks and all their children to the clipboard. Use Ctrl + Shift + Y or Command + Shift + Y to export to a JSON file instead.
    Import BookmarksUse Ctrl + P or Command + P to import bookmarks stored to the clipboard and insert them either after the current bookmark or inside the selected directory.
    Move TopUse Alt + Home to move selected bookmarks and directories to the top of the list (version 0.4.3).
    Move UpUse Alt + Up to move selected bookmarks and directories one level up (version 0.4.3).
    Move DownUse Alt + Down to move selected bookmarks and directories one level down (version 0.4.3).
    Move BottomUse Alt + End to move selected bookmarks and directories to the bottom of the list (version 0.4.3).

  6. Where does the extension paste items when moving between panes?

    All the selected items are placed below the first selected item of the destination directory. On version 0.4.8, if you use drag and drop to place items, you will get the position indicator. If you need to drop the selected items inside a directory, use the Shift key while dropping (the position indicator also reflects this).

  7. How can I change the order of items on a single directory?

    Ask the extension to show the same directory on both panes (Ctrl/Command + M). Now on one pane place the active item to the location where you need the selected items to get moved next to this item. Now switch to the other pane and select all the items that needed to be rearranged and press the Ctrl + left/right arrow key to rearrange the items in both panes. Alternatively, you can drag items from the source pane to the destination pane too. Note that the extension always pastes entries below the first selected entry.

  8. Can I open the interface of the extension in a new window instead of the default tab view?

    You can change the opening behavior of the extension from the right-click context menu items over the browser action button. There are three supported modes: "window", "tab", and "popup".

  9. I mostly use a single pane of this add-on. Is it possible to hide one of the panes?

    As of version 0.2.2, there is a new command (Ctrl/Command + S) to switch between one and two-pane modes. Note that in one-pane mode, the second pane is only hidden. So all operations are still functional between panes, but to declutter the commands section, some buttons that are dependent on both panes are hidden.

  10. Is it possible to use this extension to transfer a set of bookmarks inside the selected directory (tree) to another machine (selected bookmarks with all their children)?

    As of version 0.2.4, you can select a single or multiple nodes (bookmark, directory, or both) in the active view and press the Ctrl + Y or Command + Y to yank them as a JSON array to the system's clipboard, then open another instance of this extension on the destination browser and press Ctrl + P or Command + P to insert the tree to the current node if it is a directory or after the current node if it is a bookmark. This way you can simply export a set of selected bookmarks between different machines. If the two browsers are not on the same machine, use Ctrl + Shift + Y or Command + Shift + Y to generate a JSON file, then move the file to the destination machine and open it in a text editor and copy its content to the clipboard. Now you can use Ctrl + P or Command + P to paste the tree to your browser.

  11. Can I open selected links on new tabs by just using my mouse?

    Select the items either by holding Ctrl/Command key while clicking on each item or select the first item and use the Shift key to select the last item (the extension selects all items between these two for you). Now right-click on a selected entry and press "Open Link in New Tab".

  12. Can I use the browser "Back" and "Forward" buttons to navigate views?

    As of version 0.2.8, this extension pushes the current paths to the browser history, so you can use the browser buttons to go back and forth between views.

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    storageto save internal preferences and the user directory selections
    chrome://favicon/*to retrieve favicon for bookmarks on Chromium browsers
    clipboardWriteto save bookmark URL, title and id to the user's clipboard

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