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Finally a decent cross-browser bookmarks manager and viewer
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"Bookmarks Manager and Viewer" enables you to view and modify bookmarks from a toolbar panel. The extension provides easy to use panel view for all your bookmarks, also you can fuzzy search (like Google search) through all your bookmarks to easily find matching items. This extension supports full editing of bookmarks with drag & drop support.



  1. What is the "Bookmarks Manager and Viewer" add-on and how can I use it?

    "Bookmarks Manager and Viewer" extension aims to provide a convinient solution to manager or edit bookmarks. Using this extension you can view all your bookmarks, search through them, or even edit them on the fly.

    The extension displays a toolbar button. Pressing the button, loads the panel view where all your stored bookmarks are listed. The extension has session manager which means, the panel will remember the last seen item and its location for easier access across browser restarts.

  2. What is the "properties" section of the panel and how can I use it?

    Properties section is a live editor for your bookmarks. When an item is clicked, its info is displayed in this section. Title and URL is editable. Simply modify these values and press Enter key for that changes to take place.

  3. What is the "toolbar" section of the panel and how can I use it?

    The toolbar section can be used to create a new bookmark from current tab, or from scratch. It is also possible to create a new directory and then drag and drop bookmarks into this newly created directory. You can also delete a bookmark or an empty directory using associated buttons. Note that deleting a directory that contains child nodes is not possible for your safety as this operation is irreversible.

    In this section there is a "Collapse" button that can be used to close all the opened nodes. It is useful when you have too many bookmarks and have already opened a few directories and the panel looks cluttered.

    Validation button can be used to check the bookmark URL to make sure the website associated with this bookmark is still accessible. If you have manay bookmarks and some bookmarks might be linked to broken links. This button will help you identify them

  4. What is the "search" section of the panel and how can I use it?

    Search input box is equipped with fuzzy searching. When an inquiry is entered in the search box, the extension will try to weight each bookmark relative to the entered phrase. The most matched items are displayed sorted by their weights. Clicking on each item, will resolve its position in the tree view. When you are done with the search results, either double click on a result or clear the search box for the result section to disappear.

    Search engine uses title and URL of each bookmark for finding the most matched items.

  5. Why does the color of the toolbar button change on some websites?

    If current tab is already been bookmarked, the color will be blue otherwise the color should be dark gray. To find the location of the bookmark, you can you the search field. Enter the URL in the field.


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Editorial Review

Managing bookmarks can be very hectic and a difficult task to handle. At times, you have so many important links in your bookmarks list and finding them in time of need, can be annoying. But there is a solution for this problem. Bookmarks Manager and Viewer is a fantastic add-on for Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers that lets you manage and view your bookmarks efficiently and easily.

Bookmarks Manager and Viewer is a power provides a panel view to view and modify your bookmarks in the easiest way possible. The panel is geared with uncertain search (like Google search) to help you find the matched bookmarks easily. Bookmarks Manager and Viewer provides you with a full set of tools to edit your bookmarks. It is even possible to drag a bookmark to a new position in the panel or create a new directory or list and place the bookmark inside it. The uncertain search can be used to find matching items even if you are not certain about what the exact title of the bookmarked link was. It is even possible to remove or delete the unused bookmarks or a complete list right in the panel.

There is a validation button to find broken links. This add-on also gives the option of the delete button you can clean your bookmarks list. The properties section can be utilized to change the title or address of the stored bookmark at any time.

The color of the toolbar button indicates that whether the bookmark tree has your current bookmark or not. Using the panel view you can add the current tab to the definite location in the tree and modify the title once the bookmark is placed inside a directory.

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