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The "Broken Link Checker" extension checks a currently active webpage for broken and redirected links. You can open the extension in a popup window or as an embedded frame inside page. When the UI loads, the extension grabs all link elements in the top frame and all sub-frames (if its option is enabled) and evaluates each link. To increase the speed of evaluation, the extension checks every 5 links simultaneously and when this check is over, the next batch will be checked. For each link, there is a 10-second timeout to prevent a single check from blocking the UI. You can optionally ask the extension to check links inside frame elements without origin (about:blank frames). After evaluation, based on the returned code, the extension list the links in either valid or broken sections. You can use the "Inspect" button to scroll to each evaluated link.



  1. What is the "Broken Link Checker" extension and how does it work?

    This extension is a SEO tool to help web developers find all broken links in their web pages. Having a broken link in a webpage has several drawbacks and may affect your page search ranking. This tool can simply be called from the toolbar button and when initiated, will detect all link elements inside a web page. All links are queued in a list and the extension validates every 5 links at a time. To prevent a link from blocking the validation process, there is a 10-second timeout for each link to be resolved. If a link timeouts, you will get 504 error code in the UI and the link will be placed in the broken links section. To easily switch to a link use the "Inspect" button next to each link. This tool forces the link to be placed in the viewport and it will be highlighted in green or red color background color depending on the list it came from.

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  3. Can I ask the extension to simultaneously validate more links than the current 5 links?

    There is no setting for this option at the moment. Note that all browsers limit the total number of simultaneous network jobs at a time to prevent network overflow.

  4. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  5. What is the meaning of "All Frames" option in the window?

    Modern websites might have several frame elements in a single window to prevent styling of each section from conflicting with others. By enabling this option, the extension grabs links from all available frames inside the current window and evaluates all these links one by one. For faster evaluation, you can turn this option off. To find which link is from what frame element the extension appends the document's hostname in a single column. Also, you can use the "Inspect" button to move the link into the viewport.

  6. What is the meaning of the "Blank Frames" option?

    Some webpages dynamically create frame elements and then load content in these frames. To consider link elements in these type of frame elements make sure this option is checked.

  7. How can I open the extension UI inside the webpage instead of a separated window?

    Right-click on the toolbar button and change the opening mode from "window" to "frame" mode.

  8. Is it a good idea to run this tool on multiple windows at once?

    Not really, as stated earlier, browsers do have limitations on the simultaneous network jobs they perform. When multiple instances of this tool are running, each instance adds 5 new jobs to the stack and this might cause some jobs to timeout.

  9. I am trying to find broken links on a website with text links (no "a" element for links). Is this possible to use this extension to extract text-links?

    Yes, there are two options on the settings section "Extract Top Links" and "Extract Sub Links". Use the former one to only extract text links from the root document, and the latter can be used to extract links from all subrequests. Note that since the extension needs to fetch the page content for each link, this process slows down broken link detection.

  10. I am trying to use this extension on a website with a huge number of links. It is pretty hard to find the links with the 5XX status code. Is it possible to only display the links with this code?

    As of version 0.1.7, there is a new filtering section to hide or show links with different status codes. To keep a link in the list, the status code belongs to the link must be checked in this section. Note that if you uncheck all the boxes, the extension hides all the links whether they are resolved or broken.

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    storageto keep local preferences such as window opening mode
    <all_urls>to be able to validate links from all hostnames (file://, http:// and https:// are supported)
    notificationsto display desktop notifications when a page is not suitlable for link valiadtion (e.g. internal pages)
    contextMenusto add items to the right-click context menu over browser action button

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