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The "Caffeine" extension prevents your operating system from going into sleep, or hibernate state when the extension is activated from the toolbar button and its icon is not in gray. This extension has a toggleable button which either sets an awake state or releases an already set state. The awake state could be either at 'system' or 'desktop' levels. The user can set a state from the right-click context menu over the toolbar button. Note that this extension does not provide any visual interface other than the toolbar button.



  1. What is the "Caffeine" extension and how does it work?

    This is a simple extension to prevent either system or display from going into the hibernate state. By default all operating systems go to a less power-draining state when the system is idle for a specified amount of time. This helps the system to prevent wasting energy. However, there are some cases where the user does not want this default behavior. For instance when a file is being downloaded by your browser or a download manager or when a monitoring application is in the middle of an operation. Unfortunately not all applications have the power of keeping the system awake during their usage. This simple extension can keep either your system or your displays from going to the power saving mode by a single click. Note that when the icon is colorful it means that the extension is active and the system or the display is not going to the power-saving mode. You need to click the toolbar button one more time to release the keep awake state. Also, you can place your mouse over the toolbar button to see the current level

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  3. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  4. What is the default keep awake's level and how can I change this level?

    The default keep awake state of this extension is "display" which prevents your display from going to the power-saving state. You can alter the level from right-click context menu items of the browser action button. You can either use "display" or "system" levels. The former only prevents the display from going to the power saving mode, however, the latter prevents the entire system from going to the hibernate or screensaver state.

  5. Do I need this extension to keep my system awake or there are alternatives too?

    All operating systems have configurations about when the system or display is supposed to go to the power-saving mode. However, the usage of this application is simpler! you can achieve a temporal keep awake functionality with a single click. Also, note that in some operating systems there are command-line options to prevent the system from going to the hibernate state while an application is running. For instance it Mac OS, you can prepend each terminal command with "caffeinate -d" to prevent the display from dimming while one application is still executing.

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