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The "YouTube Control Center" is a lightweight, yet highly efficient extension for Firefox that controls various YouTube playback parameters in order to enhance your experience. The extension has two primary building blocks. First one is the control center panel. When a new YouTube music is streamed, different playback parameters can be controlled right from the panel without the need to switch to the actual YouTube tab. The second part of this extension is the controls that are injected in YouTube pages to change the UI and control volume, quality, and theme of the player.



  1. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  2. What is Control Center?

    YouTube Control Center is an open-source project that aims to enhance the overall YouTube experience by providing the end user with more control in what the playback process is concerned.

    The add-on delivers a set of well-defined improvements and new features that benefit YouTube users and is minimally invasive. It is extremely lightweight and easy to configure, thereby it can be manipulated by anyone with minimum computer experience. The extension also inserts a little icon in the toolbar, which triggers a control panel for YouTube playback. Here, a history of previously watched videos will be kept, in addition to being offered a YouTube (or history) search function, controls for playback pause / resume and an option to adjust the volume.

    A higher level of control is provided inside the Options section, where you can configure the behavior of the add-on. This module allows you to set a preferred playback quality for all the videos, choose a color for player controls and for the progress bar, as well as to skip ads, enable or disable video suggestions, comments and buttons such as like, dislike or share and to auto-buffer clips even if the video is paused.

    Other options include auto-hiding playback controls when a video is playing, activate the loop function, disable keyboard controls and to auto-play videos then the player is loaded. The modifications you perform in the Options section do not require a restart, therefore you will be able to experiment with them immediately.

  3. What is the main differences between the XUL and WebExtension version of this add-on?

    XUL version uses low level API calls to control YouTube page. In this version the HTML page is manipulated before being parsed by your browser. However, in the WebExtension version, there is no preload manipulation, instead, a set of script files are being injected before page scripts are loaded. This is a lighter and less buggy method hence it is recommended to switch to the WebExtension version. Also note that WebExtension version is available for Opera and Chrome browsers as well

  4. How to add/remove the toolbar button?

    Firefox: To add/remove the toolbar icon right-click on a free space in your Firefox toolbar and select "Customize...". To learn more about how to manipulate Firefox UI check a Comprehensive Guide to Firefox Customization on

    Chrome: Simply right-click over the toolbar button and press hide in the menu.

  5. How to install the extension from source?

    Control Center extension is always evolving with new features. Many of these features are only available in the GitHub repository. To install a beta version, simply drag and drop the desired XPI file onto an open Firefox window and give it permission to install. There’s no need to restart the navigator in order for the changes to take effect. To find the XPI files, head to the GitHub repository. The latest beta version is located at

  6. How does Control Center manipulate the player?

    With Control Center extension, there are two levels of manipulation. The first one happens just before video page loaded. At this point, all the player's parameters can be altered. However, some of the features like auto-buffing video while video is in the paused state cannot be implemented in this level. Therefor, Control Center also injects an isolated script in all video pages. This scrip basically has control over all visual elements.

  7. Why Control Center is not working on embedded players?

    This is just a performance consideration. In fact Control Center should be able to perform on all players; however, to reduce its footprint currently the injection of script only happens for the official video pages.

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What's new in this version

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    Editorial Review

    YouTube is a video-sharing social website which allows you to share videos on a platform according to your interests. You can make a profile and a page on YouTube and post all the videos that you feel are engaging. On YouTube, you can watch videos of your interest. You just have to type in the keywords in the search bar given at the top. People who desire to be popular can post their own videos and increase traffic by advertising their page. This social video-sharing website is all you need when it comes to videos. However, the interface might not be user-friendly for some people. This is when YouTube Control Center comes to play.

    YouTube Control Center allows you to control videos with an easier outlook. You can set preferred play back quality and volume for all videos. You can control auto play and auto buffer on the control center interface. You can auto pause all videos. The video controls are shown on player. This is a user-friendly add-on that can be used without any difficulty. The icon appears on the top right corner of the tab. You can change the player theme and the controls appear full screen mode as well. YouTube Control Center lets you watch a single video in a loop mode as well. You can also disable auto reply to next track when listening to your favorite music. Flash advertisements can be skipped easily without interruption.

    I would highly recommend this add-on to people who do not like interruption while watching their favorite videos. It can be an episode of a serial, a movie or just a random video. You can watch all of these without any hindrance. This extension is built as a user-friendly add-on. Everyone can use it just by clicking the icon on the toolbar.

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