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The "Design Mode" extension switches any webpage into its design mode so that the user can alter the text content, move images around, or add new content into the page. The modified page can get printed or get saved like a normal web page. This extension is especially useful when the page needs to be printed and the are clutters like advertisements or unnecessary content on the left or right side of the actual content. With this extension, you can simply select the content that is not needed and press the Delete button to remove the irrelevant content altogether. This extension converts any webpage into a full WYSIWYG HTML editor which supports all common shortcuts like converting content into a bold or italic format. The extension offers a toggle button that switches the editable mode on and off. When the editable mode is active, the toolbar button is colorful. When it is not active, the color is gray.



  1. What is the "Design Mode" add-on and how can I use it?

    This extension is very simple and yet it brings a really powerful tool to the end-user. The extension only offers a single button in the browser toolbar area which allows the currently active page to be edited like a normal WYSIWYG HTML editor. When the page switches to the editable mode, the user can alter the text content like how it is done on MS Word or LibreOffice for instance. Similarly, the content can get erase or new content can be pasted into the active cursor point. For images, you can drag the image to the new place or even drop a local image into the page. Like all WYSIWYG editors, this extension supports all the common editing shortcuts. When the page is in editable mode, the toolbar color is blue. To switch off the editable mode, simply press the button once more.

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  3. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  4. How can I change the text styling like apply bold, italic or underline styling to the text?

    First you need to select and highlight the content that you want to apply the styling. Then use Ctrl + B on Windows or Command + B on Mac to make the selected text bold. For italic, press Ctrl + I on Windows and Command + I on Mac. Similarly, use Ctrl + U on Windows or Command + U on Mac to underline the selected text.

  5. Is it possible to use this extension to remove some part of the page before printing the page?

    Yes, simply switch to the editable mode and then select the content that clutters the page or is not needed. Now press the Delete button on the keyboard and the content will be removed. You can switch off the editable mode and press the Ctrl + P to print the content or even convert the modified page into the PDF format.

  6. How can I save the modified page?

    Turn off the editable mode and use Ctrl + S on Window or Command + S on Mac to save the current page into HTML format exactly similar to a normal page. Note that since some HTML pages have dynamic content, by saving in HTML format, you might loose the modified content when the saved page get loaded one more time. To save all resources in a single file, MHTML format is preferred. You can use Save as MHTML extension to convert and save all the remote resources so that the modified page is accessible even when the browser is offline. Alternatively, you can use the Ctrl + P on Windows, or Command + P on Mac to bring the printing window and then save the content as PDF format. The PDF format guarantees that the content is not going to change. Note that both MHTML and PDF formats are archiving formats which means that the saved page has no access to its scripts and hence the content can not be edited by a remote or local script.

  7. How can I know if the extension is enabled?

    When the extension is enabled, the toolbar button is colorful.

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