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"Dictionary Anywhere" provides access to a floating multilingual Google Translate panel on any webpage. This add-on injects an ifram containing Google Translate only when a translation is requested. To request a translation, select a word or phrase and then click on the bubble that appears on top of the selection area. Using this extension you can get in-page translation as well as pronunciation. At the bottom of the iframe, there are two links to open the desktop version of Google Translate and Google Search prefixed with 'define' keyboard.



  1. What's new in this version?

    See the version history page at the Firefox add-ons site for details about this update.

  2. recommended "Spoof Geolocation" extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers

    This extension alters the reported GEO location by your browser. You can provide your custom latitude and longitude to any website to improve privacy or get localized data from a custom location. This extension is also useful if you have a SOCKS proxy on your browser to have a consistent IP address with the GEO data. Read more here.

  3. How can I access the translation panel

    After installation, select a word or phrase in current page. A translation bubble appears right above your mouse. Select the bubble and wait for a few seconds for the translator to load.

    Note for Opera and Safari users: After installation you need to refresh the page once for the translation bubble to appear.

  4. Does the extension have an option page?

    No, currently, there is no option page for the translator.

  5. How does the extension work?

    This extension provides access to Google Translate website anywhere. After the translation bubble is clicked, a panel containing Google Translate is generated in the current page.

  6. What is Google Translate?

    Google Translate is a multilingual service provided by Google Inc. to translate written text from one language into another. It supports 90 languages. For more information check this Wikipedia page.

  7. Why after installation the panel is empty on some pages?

    This is due to "Content-Security-Policy" on some pages. You need to refresh the page to let the extension manipulate "Content-Security-Policy" to allow translate.google.com.

  8. Why does "Dictionary Anywhere" is not working in the Firefox's Reader Mode?

    “Dictionary Anywhere” is a WebExtension. WebExtensions in general do not have access to the following pages:

    • Web sores pages like addons.mozilla.org for Firefox, chrome.google.com for Chrome and addons.opera.com for Opera
    • Internal pages like about:blank, about:addons and chrome://extensions
    • Extension pages like reader view on Firefox

    Unfortunetly this is a limitation of the API and there is no workaround for it.

  9. Can I apply my own CSS rules to this extension to alter its appearance (like its font-size)?

    As of version 0.4.1, there are two new settings in the options page of this extension that allow the user to apply custom CSS rules either to each page that the panel is displayed or to the Google Translate page that is placed in the frame element inside the page. The former is used to style the frame element that hosts the Google Translate page and the div element which is the root element and has ".itanywhere-panel" class name. Note that all styles that are defined in this section will be added to each page as soon as the panel is displayed. So be careful to write your rules such that they only target the elements of this extension. Since using this method, you don't have access to the actual frame element, you can use the other box to apply styles to the actual Google Translate page. All the rules in this section will be applied to the Google Translate page that is inside the frame element. Using these two new settings on the options page, you can basically alter the extension appearance to match your needs.

  10. What is the min and max value of the translator's popup interface?

    Acceptable values are in the range of 200 to 600. The height of the panel varies based on the content.

  11. What is the meaning of the "Translator's maximum height (in px)" option?

    It defines the maximum height of the panel. If you don't want to limit the height, use zero to disable this option.

  12. What is the meaning of the "Translator's scaling (0.5 - 1.0)" option?

    This option scales the injected translator to the factor between 0.5 to 1.0. If the font size of the injected translator is too big, you can scale it and check the result.

  13. What is the meaning of the "Offset in x direction for translator's bubble (in px)" option?

    This option defines the offset of the bubble's position in the x-direction. This value can be either positive or negative to move to the right or left.

  14. What is the translator's selection bubble?

    If the "Display word selection bubble" option is checked, the extension displays a bubble above all your selections to open the translator panel. If the option is unchecked, a new item is added to the right-click context menu.

  15. What is the meaning of the "Google Translate styling" option?

    You can optionally apply your custom styles to the "translate.google.com" and "translate.google.cn" domains. These stylings work only when the translator is loaded in the extension's fame element. For instance, you can hide an unnecessary section to simplify the translator's view.

  16. Can I translate the entire page using this extension?

    You can press the action button, and the extension translates the entire page for you. You can ask the extension to use "Google Translate" or "Bing Translate" as the page translator from the options page.

  17. What is the meaning the "Hide translation section" option?

    If there is a "Definitions of %s" section on the translator, hide the translation section. This is useful to hide the translation section when Google Translator is used for exploring words definition.

  18. What is the meaning of the "Always render pop-up inside the current window" option?

    Unchecking this option allows the pop-up to render outside the browser window. This is useful if you have a big screen and use the browser in window mode.

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    Google translate is a service provided by Google, to make text written in foreign languages understandable to everyone. A page that contains text written in another language is translated by Google Translate. However, this may not be accessible everywhere. With Dictionary Anywhere extension, you can access Google Translate from anywhere. Dictionary Anywhere can allow you to read text written in different languages. This convenient add-on also provides you the meaning of difficult words. You can use this extension if you need data on a particular topic, and you find it in a different language. You can hear the translation of a phrase in native tongue as well.

    Dictionary Anywhere is a helpful add-on that can provide assistance with different languages. It can provide access to Google Translate wherever you go. People who like to travel can insert a relevant phrase or text in Google. They can read the meaning of the word or even hear the translation of the phrase in native language. This add-on is a user-friendly extension that helps you to understand different words in different languages. With Dictionary Anywhere, you can learn new words on the go. This add-on is easy to use. You just have to highlight the word you do not understand. After that, click on the icon that pops up and a drop-down window will appear. That window would show the meaning of the word. You can translate the word from one language to another as well. Dictionary Anywhere supports over 90 different languages.

    I would recommend this add-on to everyone who like to travel and learn concurrently. They can learn the words and their meanings in a different language. They can even hear the translation of a phrase. If you like learning about different languages and want internet surfing to be easy, you should definitely consider Dictionary Anywhere.

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