Dino - The Dinosaur Game Avoid cacti and pterodactyls obstacles if you can!
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The "Dino - The Dinosaur Game" extension adds an action button to your browser area to play the beloved Dino game whenever you feel like it. This extension does not use any resources when you are not playing the game. It is only active when the popup is open. Despite its simple appearance, it is a challenging game. Just avoid any obstacles, including cacti and pterodactyls by pressing the up and down keys on your keyboard. Instead of the up key, you can use the "W" key or space bar and instead of the down key, the user can press the "S" key alternative. When the player reaches the 700 points limit, the game's theme changes from a white background which represents daytime to a black background with white shapes which represents nighttime.


  1. What is the "Dino - The Dinosaur Game" extension and how does it work?

    This simple extension brings the beloved "Dino" game (also known as Google's T-Rex Game and Dino Runner game) to your browser so that you can play it whenever you get a chance. There are only two keys needed to play the game. Use the up and down key (or alternatives) to pass over any obstacle you find including cacti and pterodactyls. The speed of the game gradually increases which makes it challenging! This extension uses WebAssembely to run the WASM code on a canvas element. Also, it loads the game on a sandboxed window to make sure it has no access to the browser environment.

  2. recommended "Open in Tor Browser" extension for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers

    Use this extension to open unknown links and websites. By using the Tor browser, they cannot track you or use your browser fingerprint to identify you. Click the action button to send the current page, or use the context menu item to send links without first storing them to the clipboard! Read more here.

  3. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  4. What is the difference between this extension compared to the similar extensions providing the same game?

    This extension uses the official WASM code and is only active when the user plays the game. Also, it loads the game on the popup area so you can press the Escape key anytime to discard the game and back to your web browsing.

  5. Keyboard shortcuts

    Arrow-Up or WJump
    Arrow-Down or SLay Down
    PPause and resume
    2Slow-down game's speed by 2
    3Slow-down game's speed by 3
    EscClose window

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