YouTube™ Distractions Free
Removes all sorts of distraction from YouTube
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"YouTube™ Distractions Free" makes YouTube free of all distractions and help you concentrate on videos. This extension removes two types of distractions. 1. Distractions such as annotations that appear on the player itself. 2. Distractions that are placed inside the page not the player. By analyzing both player and page, almost all the distractions will be cluttered.


  1. How does YouTube Distraction Free work?

    It works by implementing two different modules. One working on the network level and the other one on JavaScript level. Both of these methods combined, gives you the best performance in eliminating distracting contents.

  2. Is YouTube Distraction Free compatible with HTML5 and Flash player?

    Yes, YouTube Distraction Free can work with both player types and removes all the known distractions from both page types.

  3. How does YouTube Distraction Free remove the distractions?

    YouTube Distraction Free works on two main layers. The first layer is your network layer. Basically the add-on installs a monitoring agent on your network and filters out all the requests generated from a YouTube page. Using an optimized filtering list, only those resources that are necessary for the page to perform are getting approved and the rest are silently ignored. The second layer is the visual layer where elements that might distract users are either removed or being hide from the UI. YouTube Distraction Free add-on injects a minimal optimized CSS into YouTube pages for the layer to either hide or delete unnecessary elements.

  4. How can I access to the settings in Firefox?

    To open settings, go to add-on options page either from the tools menu or by opening about:addons in a browser tab. Now click on the open-options button. Please note, you do not need to alter any settings for this add-on to work. Simply install it and you are all set!

  5. How to access to the settings in Opera?

    To open settings, open "opera://extensions/" in a browser tab and click on Options button

  6. How can I uninstall this extension from your Firefox?

    In order to uninstall, go to Firefox -> Add-ons -> (Extension Name), then press the "Uninstall" button.

  7. How often does the extension get updated?

    I try my best to update the extension as frequently as possible. However if no bug is reported, I may update the extension only if needed or to add a new feature.

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