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"Emoji Finder" is a light-weight cross-browser extension to find and generate a list of Emojis. The toolbar panel allows you to easily find Emojis based on either their category or through tags using the search box. You can insert multiple Emojis or Emojis and text content in the editor box and copy the entire content for being used in any HTML5 compatible text field like on GitHub, Faceebook, or Basecamp's comment section. The extension remembers the recent list of used Emojis for later easy access.



  1. What is "Emoji Finder" extension and how does it work?

    "Emoji Finder" add-on is a light implementation for listing all the supported Emojis in a toolbar panel. Since now a days browsers supports many Emojis, usually the toolbar panel takes sometime to fully load all these Emojis. In this extension having an acceptable loading time was the main motivation. Despite other extensions of the same kind, in this add-on the UI is loaded and then list of Emojis are updated. This way the panel is accessible as soon as user clicks on the toolbar button without any delay.

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    This extension alters the reported GEO location by your browser. You can provide your custom latitude and longitude to any website to improve privacy or get localized data from a custom location. This extension is also useful if you have a SOCKS proxy on your browser to have a consistent IP address with the GEO data. Read more here.

  3. How can I copy the selected Emojis?

    Simply use the searchbox or left side categories to find your Emojis. Click the one you need to copy. You will notice a list of clicked Emojis are avaaible in a text-box on the bottom of the panel. Note that you can change the position of cursor to paste a new emoji at a place you would like. Also you can delete or add text content. When you are done, click on the copy button to have the list of Emojis in your OS clipboard. This list can be pasted on any HTML5 supported text fields. It can even be used in an external application like your email client if HTML5 support is on.

  4. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  5. Can I increase the number of recent Emojis saved by the extension?

    Yes, open the panel and click on the gear icon to head to the options page. You will have an option to adjust the number of Emojis that are being recorded. If you do not want to have history you can turn it off here.

  6. Can I decrease the icon size of the panel?

    Yes, head to the options page. There are three possible modes for icon size. Basically the extension changes the font size of the panel based on this setting. Note that Emojis are actually part of browser font and their size should be equal to other inserted characters.

  7. Why does the panel look different in different browser?

    In "Emoji Finder" extension, the actual font that is rendered by browser is displayed in the panel area. This is intentional to give you a preview that is realistic. Some other extensions use custom emoji icons but since this is not actually the shape that other users are going to see, it might be deceiving. In "Emoji Finder" the actual browser rendered icons are displayed. So when you actually post these Emojis, you will see the exact same shape with only different font size.

  8. I found an Emoji that is not supported by "Emoji Finder" extension. How can I report this?

    Please open a bug report in the GitHub page or simply add a note in the in the comment section of this page.

  9. I installed the extension but cannot see some Emojis. Is there any solution?

    On Windows OS, some Emojis might not be supported; see http://caniemoji.com/microsoft-windows/ to see whether you Windows version supports all Emojis or not. To extend emoji support of your Windows, you can get this update from support.microsoft.com.

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    If you have questions about the extension, or ideas on how to improve it, please post them on the  support site. Don't forget to search through the bug reports first as most likely your question/bug report has already been reported or there is a workaround posted for it.

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    Who does not like emojis? Emojis add life to the text and elaborate the situation and emotions in a unique manner. Finding the right emoji for the right expression can be a difficult task but it is now not that difficult. Emoji Finder browser add-on allows you to easily find emojis based on either the category or through the tags using the built-in search box.

    Emoji Finder is a light-weight add-on to find and generate a list of emojis. It supports a number of browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome. You can choose and select multiple emojis and copy them to the clipboard. Please note, this add-on may take some time to load the emojis but it would be an acceptable time.

    The list generated from Emoji Finder can be pasted on any browser that supports HTML5. You can paste these emojis on Facebook comments and other places. If you use some emojis quite often, this add-on will save recently used emojis in a separate panel to enable you to use them easily without wasting time searching them over and over again.

    The settings can be changed in the settings bar of the add-on. You can change the number of recently used emojis in the settings panel. The add-on can be personalized based on the requirements and you can change it the way you want. However, it may look different in different browsers. The add-on itself is very lite and does not consume a lot of memory and it also does not slows down the browser.

    Installing and removing the Emoji Finder add-on is not difficult. You can easily install and remove it without any hassle. If you see any flaw or bug, you can also report and make it better. It is now your time to shine with interactive emojis and rock among your social circle with Emoji Finder.

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