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The "FlashPlayer - SWF to HTML" extension plays SWF objects in webpages, although the use of Flash objects is being deprecated. You can still use this extension to play the Flash content of websites without the need to install any native plug-ins. This extension adds a button to the browser action area of your browser. When this button is pressed, the extension looks for any SWF objects or links inside the current page. When a link is detected, it tries to parse the content of the Flash and play it in a new sandboxed window. This way, the content is parsed in a secure window. The extension also adds two context menu items for SWF links and the page context. The page context menu acts similarly to the browser action button. This extension uses the open-source "swf2js" library to parse and render the Flash content.



  1. What is the "FlashPlayer - SWF to HTML" extension and how does it work?

    This extension uses a JavaScript emulator to play the deprecated SWF (Flash) objects in HTML pages. The extension uses swf2js library as its rendering engine. This extension does not auto-play the Flash content, nor it does inject any script into web pages. When the rendering is needed, the user clicks on the browser action button, and the extension searches for the embedded object in the current page. If more than one object is detected, a list of all objects is shown to the user so that the proper object is selected. Now the extension opens its sandboxed interface and tries to render the Flash content. You can see the progress of getting the Flash content from the server. When the content is fully loaded, the binary content is sent to the emulator without any external or native plug-ins is needed.

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  3. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  4. Is it possible to play an SWF link with this extension?

    This extension adds two context menu items to the browser. One for the page context and one for SWF links. Simply right-click on the link and select the "Open SWF in Emulator" item to open the emulation interfce.

  5. Why does this extension cannot play my SWF link?

    This extension uses an open-source Flash emulator. There are some methods that are not yet fully supported. See the "Milestones" section of https://swf2js.com/ for the roadmap.

  6. Is it possible for the extension to automatically replace all the Flash objects inside the page with the emulated objects?

    Technically it is possible, but to be resource-friendly, at the stage, the extension only searches for the Flash object when the user requests so.

  7. Sometimes, the emulator does not render my SWF correctly. Any workaround?

    As of version 0.1.1, this extension supports two different emulation engines. SWF2JS and Ruffle. There are two context menu items for the toolbar button to choose the default engine for the next run. If for any reason the emulation failed or the emulation result is not acceptable, use these context menu items to try the alternative engine. Make sure to close the emulator window once.

  8. How can I try this extension?

    Right-click on the Motion Tweening with start and stop buttons SWF example by condor.depaul.edu. You should see the emulator window trying to load this simple example. To try the alternative engine, close the emulator. Then right-click on the browser action and change the default engine. Try to open the link with the emulator one more time.

  9. Occasionally, I prefer to load the SWF object directly inside the page rather than having it loaded on its isolated window. Is it possible to do this with this extension?

    As of version 0.1.5, you can right-click on the action button and press "Load all embedded SWF objects". This way the extension directly injects the Ruffle engine to this page. Note that this might have performance drawbacks. Only use it if the Flash content does not load fine inside the isolated window.

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