Flight Stats
Check the flight status of any flight around the world right from the toolbar
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"Flight Stats" is a Global Flight Tracker and Travel Planning Extension.



  1. What is new in this version?

    Check this link for information about your recent update.

  2. How to add/remove the toolbar button in Firefox?

    To add/remove the toolbar icon right-click on a free space in your Firefox toolbar and select "Customize...". Now you can drag and drop the button to a new position.

  3. How to access to Flight Stats settings?

    To change addon's settings click on the toolbar button -> scroll to the bottom of the page -> click on settings

  4. How to enable Panel View in Google Chrome?

    To Enable Panel View Type "chrome://flags" in the addressbar then Press Enter in the Flag's page Search for 'Panels' and Click on 'Enable' then Restart Chrome. You should see Panel view if you click on Flight Stats icon.

  5. How to install Flight Stats in your Firefox?

    To install Flight Stats, head to Mozilla Store and click on "Add to Firefox" button.

  6. How to uninstall Flight Stats from your Firefox?

    To uninstall Flight Stats go to Firefox -> Add-ons -> Extension Name, then press Uninstall button.


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