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The "Gmx Mail Checker" extension is a simple email checker optimized to work with This extension to protect user privacy does not ask for the user credentials, instead, it uses the browser's last visited session-id to fetch new emails. The total number of unread emails in the inbox folder is displayed as the badge text and for all other folders, the preview of the total number of unread emails are displayed in the tooltip area of the toolbar button. If the current session is expired or the user has no session-id in the browser's history, this extension displays the "x" badge text to notify of the problem. This extension supports periodic email checking once per 10 minutes or when the's page is refreshed.



  1. What is the "GMX Mail Checker" add-on and how can I use it?

    This extension is meant to notify the user of unread email in's inbox. Basically, the extension displays a badge text when's inbox has unread emails. Note that this extension is also checking emails on all other mailbox folders as well. To get details, place your mouse over the toolbar button. Since this extension does not save the user credentials, it relies on the last visited session and uses this session-id to communicate with If there is no active session, the user can click on the toolbar area and let the extension open the login page. When the login process is passed, the extension uses the session-id and periodically fetches the number of unread emails from the gmx server. You can click on the toolbar area to directly open the's inbox folder.

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  3. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  4. What is the meaning of the "x" in the badge area of this extension?

    By default, the badge area is the place to display the total number of unread emails in the inbox folder when the extension finds a valid session-id. If for any reason, the session-id is not found or the session-id is expired, then the "x" badge is displayed to notify the user that there is no active session to be used. A user can always click on the toolbar button to get redirected to the login page and to create a new active session.

  5. How can I get information about the unread emails of other directories rather than the inbox one?

    This extension fetches the total number of unread emails in all directories. The report is available as a tooltip for the toolbar button. In this report, the number of unread emails in each folder is displayed in a new line in front of the folder name.

  6. Why does this extension need to access my browsing history?

    This extension needs to use the session-id to access your folder structure in the server-side. Basically, the extension queries the browser history to find the latest matching session-id. This identification string is used to communicate with the server. Note that this extension does not have any server-side interaction instead of fetching the folder structure from's server. This method is used to eliminate the need to have the credentials for checking the user's inbox.

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    alarmsto setup a periodic job
    storageto save internal preferences

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