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"Live Stream Downloader" add-on detects websites that use HLS streaming format for their live streamings and offers to download these streams to the user's local drive. The extension listens for M3U8 manifest requests and if the manifest offers playlists then the user can select between different stream qualities and download that stream into the local disk. The extension's toolbar button is colorful when there is a stream for the currently active tab. If in the middle of the downloading operation, the user decides to abort the job, it is possible to click the toolbar button once or close the tab for the job to get aborted. This extension uses multiple threading for fetching large files which improve the stability and speed of the internal downloader. Also to prevent having a large memory footprint, the extension uses its internal disk to keep file segments before merging them when all segments are ready.


  1. What is the "Live Stream Downloader" extension and how does it work?

    This extension is a tool to capture live stream manifest file and offer the user to pick a quality from what the server offers and then download the user-selected quality to the local disk. Internally this extension downloads up to 5 streams simultaneously to increase the downloading speed and its stability. In case that the server only has a single stream URL, and it supports range downloading in bytes format, the extension uses multiple threads to download different ranges. To prevent having a large memory footprint, the extension temporarily stores each segment into the internal storage and when all segments are downloaded, the chunks are merged. Note that since this extension monitors web requests, the user needs to refresh a tab that plays in HLS once after installation for the extension to detect the stream. If a tab has a live stream, the toolbar button is colorful which means that at least one stream is available for download. When the user clicks on the toolbar button, a popup appears asking the user to pick a video quality and then the downloading begins. To abort the active job, simply click the toolbar button once more and the extension confirms with the user if the active job is supposed to be aborted or not. Note that you need to keep the tab open until the job associated with this tab is over. If the tab gets closed or refreshed, the extension aborts the active job and displays a desktop notification about the aborted job.

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  3. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  4. How can I test this extension?

    After installing the extension, go to website and wait for the toolbar button's color to change after the website is loaded. You can now click on the toolbar button once to see the list of all available video qualities and select one stream. When a stream is being downloaded, you can see the progress in the badge area of the active tab. Note that even when the entire stream is fetched, it might take a few seconds to see the actual file in the local disk since the extension needs to merge all the downloaded segments.

  5. How does this extension detect live streams?

    This extension installs a web request observer that only monitors M3U8 files. When a new M3U8 file is detected, the extension downloads this file and extract the manifest object from this file, then analyses this file to extract supported playlists. Sometimes, it is possible that the manifest file directly offers segments without offering the playlists. In this case, the extension still offers the user to download the HLS stream but has no info about the quality of the stream. Note that this extension only offers downloading streams related to the currently browsed website to prevent mixing different streams together.

  6. How can I stop a downloading job?

    To abort a job, you have 3 options: 1. Click on the toolbar button when the tab associated with the job is active. 2. Reload the parent tab of the job. 3. Close the parent tab of the job. So to allow the extension to download one stream, the associated tab needs to be open until the job is over.

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    Permissions are explained

    storageto keep the internal preferences of the extension
    webRequestto be able to monitor web request for M3U8 manifest files
    *://*/*.m3u8manifest file for HTTP live streaming
    *://*/*.m3u8*manifest file for HTTP live streaming
    downloadsto save downloaded stream to the local disk
    webNavigationto update the badge counter and to abort active job when tab is closed or refreshed
    notificationsto show desktop notifications in case a job is aborted

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