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The "Image Resizer" add-on is a batch image resizer that tries to keep the quality of the image as much as possible by rescaling the image into a high-quality half or double size until the image size is as close as possible to the requested size. The user can resize multiple images into multiple sizes at once and store resizing jobs for later use. The extension accepts all dimensions in pixel or percent unit and accepts all the supported image formats that your browser is capable of rendering. Also, the default image size appears after an image is loaded into the UI. This extension can save resized images in PNG, JPEG, and WebP formats for now, and the quality of each job can be adjusted individually. Since usually, the user needs the same settings for multiple jobs, it is possible to save the settings in a profile and use a button to load all the resizing jobs later with a single click. This extension is also capable of inserting a background color for images and change the canvas size of the image. The canvas size is the actual size of the canvas that is used to place the final image after resizing is done. Note that if a canvas size is smaller than the image size, the image will be placed at the center of the canvas and the edges are being cropped. The background image can have any value for the opacity which means it is possible to have semi- or fully-transparent background colors.



  1. What is the "Image Resizer" extension and how does it work?

    This extension is meant to ease the tedious job of resizing an image into multiple resizes when a set of images with different sizes are needed. The extension offers to resize an image in pixel and percent units. Also by default, when the proportional option is checked, the extension calculates the other dimension (width or height) when one is changed based on the aspect ratio of the image. For each resizing job, the user can define the quality of saving. This is a value between 0 to 100 that defines the quality of lossy compression of the image after resizing is done. It is also possible to define a custom canvas size for each image after resizing. The image is placed on the user-defined canvas after resizing is over which introduces additional padding space around the image. This canvas can be transparent, or semi-transparent with a user-defined color. If no canvas size is provided, the canvas size is exactly equal to the image size and the canvas can be used just to place a background color for the image. To ease the operation, the extension offers two buttons on the resizing section: "ADD" and "RUN". The "ADD" button is used to push a job to the list without actually performing the resizing operation, however, the "RUN" button adds the job to the list and run all the defined jobs. Although on downscaling an image, the user loose details and information hence it is not expected the resulting image to be as clear as the original one, however, this extension tries to keep the quality of the resizing as much as possible by rescaling the image to half (down-sampling or averaging over adjacent pixels) or double size (interpolation using adjacent pixels) as much as possible to get close to the final dimensions then resize as usual.

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  3. What is the use of the profiles section?

    The profiles section is meant to keep the frequently resizing jobs for later use. The user can once add all the resizing jobs that are regularly used and load the profile instead of adjusting settings on each run. It is possible to have as many profiles as the user needs and it is possible to alter a profile later. Note that you can have many jobs in a single profile and before running the jobs, you can remove a few that are not needed for this particular run. The actual profile still keeps all the jobs. If you need to alter something in a profile, load it to the view then remove the jobs that are not needed. Also, add new jobs and store the jobs with the same profile name. Also note that when a profile is loaded, all the current jobs are being deleted so make sure to save the jobs if they are needed.

  4. What is the format option in the RUN section? Why does this extension alter the image format after resizing

    This extension can read many image types like SVG, PNG, JPG, JPEG, WebP, and GIF but it only can save in three image formats (PNG, JPEG, and WebP). The extension internally uses a Canvas to rescale images and these are the only formats that a Canvas can generate at the moment. So make sure to select the right format for your resizing jobs.

  5. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  6. Can I resize multiple images at once with this tool?

    Yes, simply drop multiple images into the view. You will see the total number of images in the image section. Only the first image is visually visible to prevent cluttering the UI. If you are about to run resizing on multiple images, it is recommended to use the percent unit. Note that on the pixel unit, if the proportional option is checked, the ratio of the first image is used to calculate the other dimension.

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