Media Converter is an easy to use video and audio converter and muxer
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The "Media Converter" extension is a complete cross-platform solution to convert audio and video files. After installation, a toolbar button will be placed in your Firefox toolbar. By clicking on the button, the conversion window appears. This window will let you perform the following operations: MP3 conversion, audio muxing, video/audio combining, video scaling and volume adjustment.



  1. What is new in this version?

    Check this link for information about your recent update.

  2. recommended "Dino - The Dinosaur Game" extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers

    Time to have a break? Avoid obstacles, including cacti and pterodactyls by pressing the up and down keys. That's it! This The original game was created by Sebastien Gabriel in 2014. Read more here.

  3. What is FFmpeg tool and why Media Converter is based on it?

    The The Ultimate Guide to Using FFmpeg for Converting Media Files article explains FFmpeg command-line tool in details.

  4. Is it possible to use Media Converter's conversion capabilities in other extensions?

    Yes, Media Converter has a built-in API system which makes it possible for other Firefox extensions to use it directly, There is no need to call the UI. You can send conversion commands directly from a Chrome enabled JavaScript environment. In fact, the actual Media Converter's UI uses these API calls to perform all the conversions.

  5. I am not using Media Converter everyday, is there a way to move the icon from Firefox's toolbar to free up space?

    Yes! It is recommended to move Media Converter's icon to the menu-panel. Read a Comprehensive Guide to Firefox Customization for details.

  6. How does the extension do the conversion/muxing?

    The extension uses the powerful FFmpeg to do all the conversion requests. Basically it is a UI over this command line tool.

  7. What are the supporting conversion methods?

    The conversion window supports drag and drop of either local file(s) or a downloadable link. So basically you can convert multiple files at once only if they are locally available.

  8. Why does the extension ask me to download FFmpeg?

    This extension requires FFmpeg audio and video converter to perform all its conversions. Basically it is only a wrapper to the command-line FFmpeg media converter. If you already have FFmpeg in your system, most likely the extension will find it and use it. If not you can point the extension to use the installed FFmpeg. If you don't have FFmpeg though, then you have two options. Either let the extension to install it for you or manually get it from and then ask the extension to use the downloaded executable.

  9. How can I abort the current conversion?

    If for any reason you would like to abort the current operation, you need to force-stop FFmpeg process from your OS activity monitor. Next version will implement this feature in the UI.

  10. Media Converter doubles the length of original file after conversion. Is there any way to fix this?

    Most likely there is something wrong with your FFmpeg executable. Try to get a fresh copy from and point the extension to use the new executable.

  11. When I try to point the extension to use FFmpeg on Mac or Linux, the actual binary path is selected instead of the symlink. How can I fix this?

    This is a bug with Firefox open file module. There is no easy fix for it. However, you can follow the instruction on to manually set the correct path for FFmpeg executable.

  12. When the extension combines a video and an audio files together into a single file, does it re-encode the files or the quality is intact (there is no re-encoding)?

    No, the process does not involve re-encoding, thus the quality of both video and audio streams is maintained.

  13. I'm trying to extract audio from a video file, but whenever I do, I get this error: ffmpeg.js --> toAudio --> could not predict output format. Any workaround?

    This mostly happens when you drop a download link to the conversion window. Make sure the link you dropped is actually a downloadable stream, not just the link to a page containing the video file. If you are not sure, first download the file manually, then drag and drop the downloaded file to the conversion window.

  14. How can I add or remove the toolbar button in Firefox?

    To add/remove the toolbar icon right-click on a free space in your Firefox toolbar and select "Customize...". Now you can drag and drop the button to a new position.

  15. Media Converter's icon suddenly disappeared from my Firefox browser. Is there any fix?

    For an easy fix, try the Media Converter in a clean profile, If you have many extensions on your current profile and dont wish to switch to a new profile, you need to debug the extension and report the bug in the GitHub page to find the problem and hopefully address it on the next release. To do so, close all your Firefox windows. now open a single window, and then open Error Console (Ctrl + Shift + J in windows and Command + Shift + J) in Mac OS. There must be an error there preventing the Meda Converter from initiating. Take an screenshot of the console and share it in GitHub as a new bug.

  16. How to install Media Converter in your Firefox?

    To install Media Converter, head to Mozilla Store and click on "Add to Firefox" button.

  17. How to uninstall Media Converter from your Firefox?

    To uninstall Media Converter go to Firefox -> Add-ons -> Extension Name, then press Uninstall button.

  18. Is it possible to change the sample rate of the MP3 converter?

    Yes, you can change the sample rate of the converter by changing the command line to -y -i %input %quality -ar SAMPLR_RATE %output.mp3 where SAMPLR_RATE is the preferred rate (like 22050 or 44100).

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    If you are looking for a cross platform solution that converts audio and video files, your best bet is to go for the Media Converter option. With its simple to install features, a button will be placed in your browser toolbar. Once you click on the button, the conversion window will appear. This window will allow you to perform these conversions: volume adjustment, video scaling, video/audio combining , audio mixing and MP3 conversion. Media Converter is therefore a great cross platform solution that meets both your audio and video conversion needs.

    In order to get started on the Media Converter plug-in, all you need to do is to install the plug-in in your Firefox browser. The file is really small. Once installed, on first run, you will get notified of FFmpeg(.exe) installation. Basically this component is the core conversion engine of the extension. Every time a new conversion is requested, the plug-in calls this powerful command line converter and do the conversion. After both extension itself and FFMpeg are installed, you can run it and it will automatically come up load up in your browser. Once you run the extension, you can basically try to get around the software. Once you open the software you will have all the options right in front of you including the volume adjustment, video scaling, video audio combing, mp3 conversion and audio mixing. The volume adjustment feature allows you to adjust the volume of your music by just adjusting the volume from the toolbar option. Moreover, it also allows you to mix the audios and videos both and therefore allows you to create a blend of videos very easily. Lastly another great feature of the Media Converter software is that it allows you to convert your MP3s with utmost ease. Basically if there is any audio that you want to load there, you can easily load it on your browser and convert the songs easily. The process otherwise is painstakingly long but with the Media Converter, it will not be a problem at all.

    A great plug-in to meet both your audio and video conversion needs, the converter basically supports file downloading with the built in download manager in the browser, along with easy drag and drop conversion along with a complete solution to convert both audio and video alike. Therefore in a nutshell, if you really want a software that works well to meet your audio and video needs both and can provide you with some of the most compact features in a small package, the Media Converter plug-in is the best one to try.

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