Media Player is an open-source project that aims to enhance your overall Youtube user experience
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The "Media Player" extension is an open-source project that aims to enhance the overall YouTube user experience by providing the end user with more control in what the playback process is concerned. Using this extension you can pause, resume, play, change volume of the currently playing track without switching tabs. The toolbar button displays the current playing status of the players as well.



  1. What is new in this version?

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  2. How can I add or remove the toolbar button in Firefox?

    To add/remove the toolbar icon right-click on a free space in your Firefox toolbar and select "Customize...". Now you can drag and drop the button to a new position.

  3. How to install Media Player in your Firefox?

    To install Media Player, head to Mozilla Store and click on "Add to Firefox" button.

  4. How to uninstall Media Player from your Firefox?

    To uninstall Media Player go to Firefox -> Add-ons -> Extension Name, then press Uninstall button.

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What's new in this version

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    If you have questions about the extension, or ideas on how to improve it, please post them on the  support site. Don't forget to search through the bug reports first as most likely your question/bug report has already been reported or there is a workaround posted for it.

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    Editorial Review

    YouTube for me is more of an escape from all the nonsense around me at work and other places. While I work, I tune in to songs via YouTube in one tab and keep the work going in the other tabs. So basically, YouTube is always there in the background when I am browsing through other tabs. At times this used to get tough to manage. While browsing through other tabs, I had to switch to the YouTube tab for volume controls, play a different song on a playlist etc. This was really annoying and time consuming. Not for long though, as I searched online for a solution. I came across this Mozilla add-on named Media Player. This literally revolutionized my YouTube experience while browsing through other tabs. It offers a variety of really cool features which enhance your music listening experience.

    Media Player offers a user friendly UI that allows you to stay in control of the YouTube playback at all times. The best thing is you can control the YouTube functions right from your Mozilla toolbar. It allows you to set personalized volume levels for different videos on your playlist. You can also use this add-on to play your full playlist or even a single video in loop mode. The best things is that you can also control the auto-play feature of YouTube, right from your Mozilla toolbar panel. Some other cool features include integration with your YouTube account. Only a sign-in from the options page is required and you are good to go. Plus, if you have a favorite or lucky color that you want the media player to be in, you can simply change the theme color from the options page.

    Media Player is a great and handy add-on to have on your Mozilla toolbar panel. It keeps you entertained without the need of switching tabs every few minutes. You can put the time saved to good use. I am definitely a satisfied user and will recommend this add-on to everyone.

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