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The "Mute Tab" extension brings the missing tab sound control to your browser. The extension offers a toolbar popup that allows the user to mute and unmute the active tab, all background tabs in the current window, all background tabs in all other windows and all background tabs altogether. Basically, you have all the filtering combinations to make noisy tabs silent with just one click. This extension also can perform all these actions by setting custom keyboard shortcuts. This extension uses a nonpersistent background page which means it does not use any resources from your browser unless it is actually performing an action. The nonpersistent background page helps the extension to be as lightweight as possible. Note that this extension does not have any sort of background activities like observing tabs and auto muting. Most modern browsers support muting of the hostnames by default, so there is no need for an extension to duplicate this functionality.



  1. What is the "Mute Tab" extension and how does it work?

    By default browsers just support muting of a hostname (to do so, simply right-click on a tab that is noisy and select 'Mute Site' item). So if there is a hostname which is not supposed to play audios and it still does (like video advertisements for instance), the browser will silent the hostname entirely for you. However, sometimes the user needs to temporarily silent a tab. This is where the Mute Tab extension comes to the picture. This extension does not care what the tab's hostname is. It just follows the users request and mute or unmute a tab. Since sometimes it is just hard to find the noisy tabs when there are many open tabs and windows, there are some other filtering options to mute all background tabs whether they are in the currently active window or a background window. This way you have full control on what tab is actually allowed to play sounds. To ease the usage, you can define a keyboard shortcut for each of these actions too.

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  3. How can I set a keyboard shortcut for one action?

    Go to the extension manager window of your browser and find keyboard shortcuts section. Now find this extension and set a local or global keyboard shortcut for the action of interest. Note that the global keyboard shorts get executed even if the browser window is not in the focus. In the Chrome browser, you can directly open chrome://extensions/shortcuts in a browser tab to set the shortcuts for this extension or any other ones.

  4. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  5. What is the meaning of the nonpersistent background page?

    When an extension uses a nonpersistent background page, it means the actual script that is loaded in a background page gets unloaded when it is not being used anymore which frees all resources that are allocated. The usage of nonpersistent background pages is the recommended method especially for low memory devices.

  6. Sometimes I only need to mute noisy tabs to allow other tabs to play sound notification when needed. When I use this extension to mute tabs, it mutes all tabs no matter if they are playing sounds or not. Is it possible to ask the extension only to mute noisy tabs?

    The default action of this extension is to mute all tabs. If you need the extension to check a tab for sounds and change the muting policy only for those tabs that have active audio, use the Shift key while pressing a command (Please note that v0.1.3 had the reverse behavior).

  7. Sometimes when I watch a video, another tab also starts to play a sound and it is pretty hard to find it. Is it possible to find and close the noisy tab with this extension?

    Yes, open the popup and select among the commands start with "Close". Note that these command close tabs without any warning so make sure to use them only when needed.

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