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The "YouTube No Buffer" extension is a lightweight extension for Firefox browser to prevent YouTube from auto-buffering videos. It is effective on both Flash and HTML5 players. Using this extension, YouTube player will stay on the pre-loading state until user manually click on the big play button located at the center of the payer. This extension also has some aggressive backup methods to prevent the player from auto-buffering if the initial signal was ignored. In this case player will be fully loaded, however, no stream is fetched until the play button is manually pressed.



  1. What is new in this version?

    Check this link for information about your recent update.

  2. What is the "YouTube no Buffer" extension and how does it work?

    This extension is written with inspiration from YouTube Control Center by InBasic. The extension changes YouTube player's parameter to prevent auto-buffering of video streams after the page is loaded. Note that even when no-autoplay is forced for all videos within the domain, still if a new video is opened in a new tab, the parameter will be ignored by YouTube (most probably because the player thinks this is the only instance of YouTube is currently playing). In this situation, the player will be stopped as soon as it is fully loaded. But if you try to browse more videos, the player will not be loaded as expected.

  3. What is the advantage of this extension over other counterparts?

    Well, it is not that easy to find an extension that works on both Flash and HTML5 players. Even if you can find one, they all try to stop playing after players load or they remove the actual player and replace it with a new player, however, in this extension, the player is not loaded at all.

  4. What is the best practice to take advantage of this extension?

    Try to watch all videos in a single tab. The extension is more effective if you browse videos within the same tab. This doesn't mean the extension cannot stop videos on other tabs, it just uses a more powerful mechanism to stop videos.

  5. My extension got updated and now the extension pauses YouTube videos instead of stopping them. Why?

    The recent EasyList update has a new rule that prevents the YouTube player from fetching video information when the page is loaded. This causes the player to fail to load the video details when the page requests data. To be compatible with this new rule, this extension by default pauses YouTube videos instead of stopping them. If You don't have an extension that uses this list or you have whitelisted the rule, you can use the options page of the extension to ask for the actual stopping instead of pausing videos.

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    Editorial Review

    YouTube started off as a simple video sharing platform almost a decade ago, and today, it is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. YouTube has been successful in making video sharing one of the most engaging ways of building your online presence and making your mark in the online realm. Apart from providing an opportunity to individuals to express themselves, YouTube has also been used by businesses in order to make money. They have created marketing strategies around YouTube and used this platform for creating their own channels and add their product related videos. With time, YouTube has been stacked with interactive tools which help people in connecting with friends and family, living across the face of the world. Moreover, it has been one of the most important tools, helping people in achieving the fame they have always dreamed of. Above all, it has given a chance to people to subscribe to their favorite channels, and follow the videos they like to watch to stay in the loop. However, when it comes to watching a video set for auto-buffer, most people might feel irritated and annoyed. This is where YouTube No Buffer can make your experience better.

    YouTube No Buffer is a convenient add-on, which helps people in watching their favorite YouTube videos, without the auto-buffer feature. This can help people in carrying out their daily chores or surf the INTERNET for whatever information they need while listening to their favorite music without any hindrance. This add-on is extremely lightweight and easy-to-use and it works on both the HTML5 and Flash. Above all, the YouTube No Buffer is powered by two different stopping mechanisms.

    I would recommend this add-on to everyone, especially people who are annoyed with the auto-buffer feature of YouTube videos.

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