YouTube Without Dash Playback Prevents DASH playback on all YouTube liked video players
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The "YouTube without DASH Playback" extension turns off DASH support from HTML5 video element and hence causes YouTube (and other HTML5 video players) to fully load video files for offline access. Please note that one drawback of turning DASH support off is that some high quality options will be ignored by the HTML5 players. This is due to high memory requirement of these streams. Basically loading the entire video on high quality (like 1080p) requires too much memory that cannot be offered by Firefox for a single tab. There is no workaround for this. If for a particular video, high resolution is preferred, just use the toggle button to temporary enable DASH support.



  1. What is YouTube without DASH Playback extension and how does it work?

    YouTube without DASH Playback turns off DASH support from Firefox browser by disabling media.mediasource.enabled preference and hence HTML5 players behave as there is no support for media sources in this browser. This will result in fully loading of media sources. You can take advantage of this extension for watching video files offline. Simply turn the extension on by pressing the toolbar button. Now load or reload the video page and wait until the buffer is full. You can now disconnect from INTERNET and still watch the entire video.

  2. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  3. Can I always keep the extension enabled? Is this recommended?

    Well, it really depends on how use your browser. If you dont mind all media sources of all webpages being fully loaded, the answer is yes. However, if you care for how much the browser uses your bandwidth, it is recommended to toggle the extension on (disable DASH support) once you want to watch a video offline.

  4. If the extension is disabled, is it going to use my browser resources?

    Pretty much not. This extension is very light-weight. Meaning even if it is active, the only modification is does is to add the toolbar button. That's it. If you are not using it regularly it is recommended to move the toolbar button to the hidden panel as described in this blog post.

  5. Is YouTube without DASH Playback extension also working on other video websites?

    Yes as long as that particular website uses HTML5 player not Flash player.

  6. YouTube without DASH Playback extension doesn't seem to be able to stop DASH playback from a video site. How can I fix this?

    Make sure the website is using HTML5 player. If not you can force this by using extensions that mask Flash support from your browser by pretending Flash is not installed in your system.

  7. I like to keep the extension always active. How can I prevent YouTube tabs from start buffering videos as I like to selectively turn buffering on.

    I recommend you to install YouTbue No Buffer extension by "James Fray". Using both extensions together you can selectively request full buffer of video files.

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    One of the biggest online video sharing platforms, which shares its incredible success story with users across the face of the earth – YouTube. This video-uploading, sharing and viewing website is one of the best, when it comes to providing interactive tools to its users. The number of YouTube users is increasing by heaps and bounds, and this situation was shouldered by the revolution of the online realm people faced at the start of the 21st Century. YouTube has been one of the most visited social networking platforms for a few years now, and with the advancements people are being offered in today’s fast paced technology controlled era, YouTube is gaining fame at a neck break speed. Which started out as a normal video viewing platform, is now one of the best options businesses have at creating an engaging marketing strategy. For individuals, YouTube poses a number of different options, which helps people in making their mark in the market. Moreover, for businesses, it can be the best promotional strategy they obtain. However, when it comes to watching a YouTube video offline, most people might not get the chance to do so. This is where YouTube™ Without Dash Playback can help.

    YouTube™ Without Dash Playback is a user-friendly add-on, which helps people in watching their favorite YouTube™ Without Dash Playback videos, even when they are offline. This extension is extremely convenient, and it turns of the DASH support from the Firefox browser, so the videos can fully load. You can simply turn on the add-on from the toolbar, which helps in disabling DASH support from almost every HTML5 website. Above all, the YouTube™ Without Dash Playback is extremely lightweight and does not consume much CPU usage.

    I would recommend this add-on to everyone, especially people looking for a better way to watch their favorite YouTube videos, offline.

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