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"OpenWeatherMap" finds the current weather condition in your area and displays the current temperature in the badge of the toolbar icon. Pressing the toolbar button opens OpenWeatherMap website. You can get more information from the tooltip without opening the OpenWeatherMap website (like location, wind speed or humidity of the currently selected location).


  1. What is the OpenWeatherMap extension and how can I use it?

    OpenWeatherMap is a lightweight cross-browser add-on to get updated weather condition from the nearest station on your browser toolbar. It uses OpenWeatherMap.ORG as the source of weather condition. Weather condition is fetched from the OpenWeatherMap.ORG once per 5 minutes or when OpenWeatherMap is opened in a browser tab.

  2. Since the extension does not offer a setting page, how can I change the location of the weather station?

    It is very simple. Just click on the toolbar icon to let OpenWeatherMap be opened in a browser tab. There is a search box on top of the page. Use it to find the station and then click on the station. As soon as the station is set, the badge gets updates from the newly selected station.

  3. Why OpenWeatherMap add-on is lighter than other weather add-ons?

    OpenWeatherMap add-on does not have any panel view and hence there is no extra memory usage to display the weather condition in the panel. It only fetches some resources from OpenWeatherMap website to update the badge and tooltip once per 5 minutes.

  4. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  5. Can I change the 5 minute period of checking weather condition?

    Not at this moment. To make the extension simple, there is no options page. You can open a bug report and request one if you believe 5 minute period needs to be adjustable.

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What's new in this version

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    Need help?

    If you have questions about the extension, or ideas on how to improve it, please post them on the  support site. Don't forget to search through the bug reports first as most likely your question/bug report has already been reported or there is a workaround posted for it.

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    Editorial Review

    Weather is certainly not like climate that stays the same for a long period of time. Instead, weather changes every day and every hour, all around the globe. As we know, one day we might witness scorching heat and the next, the sky might be filled with clouds. Moreover, weather may differ not only from city to city but from one area of the city to another. To counter this continuous change, the thinkers provided people with weather maps, which are read by people on weather forecast channels, and hence, the weather is predicted for the upcoming days. These weather maps help people in getting the exact weather for the next day, which gives them the opportunity to alter their plans accordingly. Moreover, these weather maps help many other sectors, for example, the airlines, giving them a chance to schedule their flights, according to the weather. However, weather forecasts are not online 24/7 and the people who are multitasking on the computer might not have any idea about the weather outside their working premises. This is where Open Weather Map can help you.

    Open Weather Map is a user-friendly add-on, which helps people in getting the latest weather updates while sitting back in front of their computer screens. This extension is extremely lightweight and does not take up much of your CPU or memory usage. It provides you with the updated temperature in the badge icon and also lets you know about the humidity level in the tooltip. Moreover, this convenient add-on can provide you with the rain condition in the tooltip as well. Above all, the Open Weather Map also offers you the GEO location of the weather.

    I would recommend this add-on to everyone, especially people who want to stay updated with the current weather, 24/7.

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