Popup Blocker (strict)
A reliable restrict popup blocking add-on with history
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Popup Blocker (strict) aims to bring a trustworthy popup blocker to your browser. Once a popup is requested by a website, it is going to be blocked by default, however a note with popup link will be displayed on the top right side of the browser window. You can either accept or deny the popup request. If request is granted, then popup will be displayed as usual.



  1. What is "Popup Blocker (strict)" extension and how does it work?

    Popup Blocker (strict) is a restirct popup blocker for Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers. Basically all types of external window openings will be paused for user attention. One a window opening is requested, the extension displays a desktop notification for 30 seconds (customizable) and allows you to preview the link and either accept or deny the request. If request is accepted, a popup window that was requested by the page will be resumed.

  2. What happens if more than one popup is requested to be displayed by current window?

    Popup Blocker (strict) extension displays the list of all requests. If a same URL is requested more than once, a badge number will appear in the notification. By default, each notification is displayed for 30 seconds which allows you to accept or deny the popup request.

  3. Is it possible to change the notification timeout?

    Yes, if the 30 second timeout is not enough for you, go to the options page of the extension and adjust a new period. Note that the time unit is seconds.

  4. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  5. Is it possible to change the total number of notifications displayed for a single web page?

    Popup Blocker (strict) add-on only displays the last 3 unique requested popups that are requested by each page. If you need the extension to display more notifications, go to the options page and change the number there.

  6. Where can I test the effectiveness of this tool?

    Go to http://tools.add0n.com/popup-blocker.html page and run different tests. If you can think of another test that is missed in this page please ping me to append the new test. You can also welcome to push a pull request directory for the test page.

  7. Why popup blocker is not working in my Chrome browser when I am in the incognito mode?

    In Chromium browsers, you need to manually activate an extension to have permission to interact with incognito tabs/windows. Go to "chrome://extensions/" and check "Allow in incognito" for this extension.

  8. What is the meaning of "redirect" button in the popup notification box?

    Some websites tend to open links inside a new tab. This is mainly for the cases when you may need to check the new page and get back to the original page. The redirect button disregards the opening of the page inside a new tab and instead opens the page in the current tab (redirects the current tab to the new destination offered by the link). Use it when you are sure you are done with the page. Note that you can always use the back button of your browser to get back to the original page even after redirection is taken place.

  9. What is the meaning of "background" button in the popup notification box?

    This option allows you to open the popup requests in background tabs adjacent to the current tab. For instance while you are reading an article and website requests a popup. You can use this option to have the request be opened inside a background tab to prevent distraction.

  10. How can I prevent internal popup blocker of my browser from blocking popups that are allowed by this extension?

    As of version 0.1.6, the extension displays up to four buttons in popup notification box. "allow" option is resuming popup request meaning there is a chance the popup request gets blocked by your browser's internal popup blocker. However, "redirect" and "background" options are handled by extension itself (there will be no internal popup blockage anymore for these two options). It is recommended to use these options when applicable.

  11. What are these "Please Wait..." alerts I am getting on some pages after the popup is blocked using this extension?

    So some ad scripts, try different methods to display their popups. For instance they use the embedded PDF viewer to open links. It is even possible to show alert messages from these PDF documents. These alerts are generated by these scripts. The reason why you dont get them normally is because when popup is issued, there is no need for them as the first method has already worked. But if you have this popup blocker, since popup is already blocked, other method including this PDF method may be used which causes these alerts to be shown.

    There is an easy way to prevent these alerts by completely disabling Chrome's PDF viewer. You can do this by opening chrome://plugins/ in a browser tab. Note that no embedded PDF will be shown if this plugin is disabled.

  12. Some websites are redirecting to ad-pages if popup opening is unsuccessful. How can I prevent this?

    As of version 0.2.7, there is a new option to prevent page redirection for 2 seconds when a popup is requested. Basically the extension set an unbeforeunload listener for 2 seconds and this prevents any page redirections for this period without user consent.

    Note that your browser will display a warning alert indicating "Changes you made may not be saved". This message cannot be altered for security reasons. Because of this nonsense message alert, this option is not enabled by default.

  13. There is a website that draws an overlay div over the entire page and hence I have no access to the notification buttons like "Allow" or "Deny". How can I perform an action in a situation like this?

    As of version 0.3.0, there are two new items in the right-click context menu over the toolbar button. You can allow or deny the last action from this menu.

  14. Is there anyway to prevent the popup notification to be displayed entirely?

    As of version 0.3.0, there is a new option in the options page to perform the pre-defined action without displaying the notification popup. Although it is not recommended, you can active it!

    If this option is activated, for a popup with a valid destination link, the default action will be performed without the notification box is displayed. So for each new popup domain, you will get notification just once and for all subsequent requests the action that is stored will be performed.


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Editorial Review

When browsing the web, different unwanted popups coming on the screens can become very annoying. Not only they makes the user frustrated but also slows down the internet speed. This problem is causing a lot of problems to people around the world but thanks to Popup Blocker (strict), users can enjoy fast paced browsing without seeing annoying and unwanted popups.

Popup Blocker (strict) is a lite WebExtension to prevent websites from opening popup windows and show unwanted links to different websites. This add-on suspends all types of window opening requests for user attention. You can either deny or accept a request. Multiple unique requests are shown in an array. If a websites requests a single URL more than once, a badge number will be shown indicating the total number of requests to this particular URL signifying you about the number of times the same URL is requesting to open in a popup window.

Popup Blocker (strict) is becoming a preferred choice for blocking popups in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Some features of this add-on are:

  • Deny popup request
  • Allow popup request
  • Open popup request in a background tab
  • Redirect current page to popup URL source

Browsing hassle free and smoothly was never this easy. Popup Blocker (strict) is an absolutely amazing solution for unwanted popup blocking and the results are wonderful so far. Firefox have some other add-ons of the same nature but most of them are not as accurate and efficient as the Popup Blocker (strict). If you want to get rid of annoying popup windows, Popup Blocker (strict) is for you to strictly deal with the ads. One best thing about this add-on is: This add-on doesn't even let popups to create a new tab / window, instead it just notifies you that it has silently blocked (paused) them for your attention.

What's new in this version

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