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Latex Tools

Postby thomas » Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:43 am

Title: Latex Tools
Developer: Thomas
Description: Convert QFN's symbols to Latex, and ...
Last update: 2011.01.27

Additional remarks:
1. This extension add a new item in Tools menu. Click it to let toolbar menu appears.

2. You need to add these definitions to preamble of your *.tex file:
Code: Select all
\renewcommand{\div}[1]{\nabla\cdot #1} % for divergence
\newcommand{\curl}[1]{\nabla\times #1} % for curl
\newcommand{\parenthesis}[1]{\left(#1\right)} % (...)
\newcommand{\bracket}[1]{\left[#1\right]} % [...]

3. It is recommended to use F8 to type equations quickly in QFN!

Please report bugs related to this extension here!

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