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The "Save Tabs" extension has multiple options to save tabs in the current window, other windows (all windows except the active one) or all windows all together to restore them later. This can be used to release high-memory usage of your browser or to revisit the current tabs later. The extension keeps the tab positioning, active state and whether the tab was pinned or not. Also, it uses the browser's sync capability to restore tabs later on another device which is synced with this device. You can optionally protect your session data with a password to secure the session or to prevent any unauthorized access to the session data. If a password is specified while a session is created, there is no way to restore the session unless the correct password is provided. As a plus point, this extension uses a non-persistent background script to make sure it has no effect on the browser performance when the extension is not being used.



  1. What is the "Save Tabs" extension and how does it work?

    This extension is meant to declutter your browser by removing all the tabs and saving them for later use. It can also be used to free up the memory usage of the opened tabs. To store tabs, use the popup window and select what type of tabs you would like the extension to save. You can either ask the extension to save the current window or all other windows except the current one or all windows altogether. Also, there are three options to ask the extension to close the saved tabs when the session is created. This extension is capable of saving protected sessions as well. When you request a session creation, a dialog window is shown in the popup. In this popup, you can define a name for the current session which is mandatory. Also, you can protect the session with a password. Note that if a session is password protected, there would be absolutely no way to recover the session without having the password. So make sure to remember the password or add a hint to the name of the session to help you remember the password.

    To restore a session, use the popup. There is a sessions section that has information about all the saved sessions. You can see the number of tabs in each session, whether the session is password protected or not, and the time when this session is created. Click on the session name to restore it. Note that when the session is clicked, all the tabs and windows in the session are going to be restored while the tab ordering and their pinned status are kept intact. So if you had like three open windows, you will get new three windows when the session is restored on a desktop browser. When a session is fully restored, its data is erased from the extension's storage. If you need to keep the session for later use, use the Shift key while clicking on the session name. This will prevent the extension from erasing the session data when it is fully restored.

  2. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  3. How does this extension protect a session data? Is it really safe considering the extension storage can be read easily from the browser console?

    Absolutely safe. The extension uses SHA-256 public and private keys to encrypt and decrypt your session data so basically without having the password, there is literally no way to recover the session data.

  4. Can I use this extension to save tabs in one browser and recover them in another browser?

    This extension uses synced storage of your browser so if you sync two or more devices then your tab data is shared between these devices. To prevent unauthorized access to your session data, make sure to protect the session with a password. You can have as many passwords as you would like. Just add a hint to the session name to make sure you can remember the password later.

  5. If I save tabs from multiple windows, the extension restores all windows when I restore a session. Is there a way to have all the tabs in a single window instead?

    Use the Ctrl (or Command) key while restoring a session to force the extension to restore into the current window. You can combine this key with the Shift key to force restoring to the current window while keeping the session for later use.

  6. What is the use for the "Silent" checkbox in the popup area?

    If this button is checked, the extension uses the predefined settings for saving the session without opening the saving dialog. This is useful if you are not interested in the password protection feature of this extension and the default random name for sessions is fine. In this case, you can check this input and you will not get the prompt window before saving anymore.

  7. What is the use for the "Permanent" checkbox in the save dialog window?

    If this option is checked, the session will be permanent which means that the extension is not going to delete the session when this particular session is clicked. All the permanent sessions are displayed in a different color for easier detection. For these sessions, there is no need to press the Shift key to prevent the session from being deleted. Note that this checkbox is persistent. So if this checkbox is checked and the silent mode is also enabled, all the subsequent sessions that are saved will be permanent. You can disable this feature anytime later by first unchecking the silent mode to have access to the saving dialog.

  8. Can I import or merge sessions from a different browser's into my current browser?

    As of version 0.1.4, there are three new context menu items for the browser action's button. You can export the current sessions to a JSON file, or import a sessions file from a JSON file. You can either overwrite the current sessions or append the sessions from the JSON file into your current list. Also, note that the JSON file format is human readable. You can manually alter the names or remove entries. Make sure to back up the file before playing with it. Also, note that this extension supports synced storage so you can use the browser's sync capability to sync your sessions instead of exporting them and importing to a new machine.

  9. Does this extension respects the Firefox container sandboxing when saving sessions?

    As of version 0.1.4, the extension also takes note of the container name that Firefox uses for a tab and use this container name for restoring the tab. Note that if a container does not exist in your browser anymore, the tab will not be created and you will get an error message in the browser console.

  10. What is the meaning of the "Discarded State" checkbox in the popup?

    This option can be used for the extension to open background tabs in a discarded mode. Basically in this mode, a tab does is not being loaded until the user focuses the tab. This can be used to minimize resource usage of your browser when restoring a session.

  11. What are the meaning of the "normal" and "single window" items in the popup?

    These items let the extension know whether you would like to open the session tabs in their window or you would like to have all the tabs in the currently active window.

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    Browsing multiple tabs in a single browser not only makes browser acts sluggish but can make your computer slow as well. Furthermore, it also makes it difficult for the user to use the browser when multiple tabs are opened. It makes the user more vulnerable to be crashed. Save Tabs, a web browser extension aims to solve this issue. It is a tab saver extension with multiple functions. Let’s have a look whether this extension can prove to be useful for you or not.

    The best part of this extension is that it is password protected. Therefore, no other user can open the tabs saved by you. Only you will have the access to them as tabs can be accessed only by entering the right password. However, this is an optional feature. If no other person uses your system, you can save a session without setting a password for it. The extension offers different features. You can either save all the tabs opened or selective ones to be restored later. It also offers the option of closing tabs once they are saved. This will save you from the hassles of manually closing them one by one. The tabs will be opened in exactly the state they were saved in. Moreover, you can save each session by giving it a customized, editable name. This feature can come in handy if you intend to save multiple sessions. Another great feature of this extension is that if you have saved a session on a certain browser on your laptop, you can restore it on your smartphone or tablet as well, provided you are the same browser on them on which you saved that session on. This functionality Save Tabs extension provided by using the sync feature of the browser. Unlike other extensions that affect the performance of the browser or make them sluggish, same is not the case with Save Tabs as it uses a background script that is non-persistent. This extension is supported by multiple browsers; hence, you can install it on the browser you prefer and declutter it when you have opened multiple tabs. This extension has certain drawbacks as well. In case you have protected a session with a password and you have forgotten the password, there is no way you can restore it. This is due to the reason that it offers no password retrieval option. Simply put, your saved session will be completely lost if you have forgotten your password. Another drawback here is that if you have restored a session, it will be removed from the storage. If you want to keep it saved, you will either have to save it again or press the SHIFT key on your keyboard while restoring it. This can keep the session saved even if it is restored. Despite minor glitches, this extension serves its purpose in an efficient one. It is definitely recommended for the users who have multiple tabs opened all the time. They can de-clutter their browser, improve its performance, and work in a smooth manner with the help of this extension.

    Permissions are explained

    tabsto read tabs info (URL, tab index, and tab pinned state) when storing them
    storageto save session data to browser's synced storage
    notificationsto display a desktop notification if an error occurs during saving or restoring

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