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"Desktop Screen Record" extension is a powerful screen capturing tool which allows the user to record the entire screen (if you have multiple monitors, you will be asked to select one), a single application window or a browser tab. This extension also can record audio while recording the screen. The user can select between the system sound (for instance if you have a music player in the background) or the user's microphone. It is even possible to ask the extension to mutely record the screen which completely disables the sound recording. When recording is over, the stream is saved in the default download directory of your browser and the format is WebM which is an optimized format for sharing media contents. Of course, you can alter the video format using a conversion tool if it is not supported on the destination device.


  1. What is the "Desktop Screen Record" add-on and how can I use it?

    This extension is meant to ease the screen recording either for sharing it with others or for your record. The extension supports three modes of operation: 1. The entire monitor being captured: This is useful when there is a need to show the entire monitor. In this mode, the user can select between different monitors before recording starts if you have more than one screens. 2. The application mode: In this mode, only one application's window will be recorded so the recoding size is exactly similar to the current window size. This is useful to share tutorials on how an application is used. 3. Browser Tab mode: In this mode, only the content inside one browser tab is recorded and others tabs are completely invisible. This is useful to record working with a website or a web application. To start recording press the newly added recording button in the browser toolbar. Once recording starts, you will get a notification that the screen or a single window is being captured. There is a button on your screen to stop the recording. You can also press the toolbar button once again to stop the recording. When recording is over, the output is being saved in the default download directory of your browser. The output format id WebM which is an optimized format for internet sharing. If for any reason you would prefer other formats you can use a conversion tool to generate a new format from the WebM media file.

  2. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  3. How can I change the output format? The WebM is not supported by my media player

    It is recommended to use a modern media player. For instance, VLC (VideoLAN) is a decent media player which supports WebM media format. You can even use the Media Player browser extension to play these WebM media files. In case you still need to change the media format, you can either use the Media Converter browser extension or the FFMpeg command-line tool. Note that the Media Converter extension actually uses the FFmpeg command-line in the background.

  4. Can I ask the extension to record from the microphone while I am recording my tutorial videos?

    Yes, this extension supports two types of audio recording. Either you can ask the extension to record from the system which records whatever plays in the background. For instance to add a track to your tutorial, simply play it with a media player and the extension records the sound. Also, you can ask the extension to record from your microphone. Note that recording from microphone needs one additional permission, which will be asked before the first use. You can always remove this permission from the settings page of your browser. Once the permission is granted, you can save the screen and microphone altogether.

  5. What is the benefit of using WebM format over other formats for recording? Why doesn't this extension support recording in other formats?

    The WebM format has two unique features that make it perfect for internet sharing. First, it is a compressed format compared to the other well-known formats. Second, it can start playing without the need to fetch the entire video file so you shared content is being played almost immediately while the rest of the content is still not fetched.

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    Permissions are explained

    desktopCapturethe main permission to be able to record the screen
    storageto save user's last selected preferences
    notificationsto warn user in case something went wrong during the screen recording
    downloadsto save the output video file to the default download directory of your browser

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