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The "Easy Screenshot" extension is an easy-to-use screen capturing tool. Simply press one of the context menu items to capture the entire screen, the currently visual port, or a selected portion of your screen.



  1. What's new in this version?

    See our version history page at the Firefox add-ons site for details about this update.

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    This extension adds a password protection feature to your WhatsApp Web. It requires the user to enter a password to access the interface, and can also automatically lock the interface when the computer is inactive for extra security. Read more here.

  3. How can I take a screenshot using the "Easy Screenshot" extension?

    Simply right-click on a page and choose between the three available options. Either select "Capture Visual Part" which captures the entire visible screen (viewport), or "Capture a Portion of Screen" to select the dimensions of the screenshot first. By selecting the second option, you will see two guidelines to help you select the start position.

  4. Where does "Easy Screenshot" extension store the captured screenshots?

    This extension stores all screenshots in the default download directory of your browser. To change the storage directory, you will need to change the default download directory of the browser. Alternatively, you can enable the option to ask for the directory where the image is stored to let you select the destination folder on each capture.

    As of version 0.1.9, you can click on the notification bubble to open the download directory.

  5. [Deprecated] Although the extension is installed and I can see the context menu items still nothing happens when I click on the items. What is wrong?

    If you have just installed the extension, make sure to refresh the page before using the extension. Easy Screen needs to inject a tiny script to the page for guidelines to appear when you start capturing screen.

  6. Why does the "Screenshot" extension uses PNG format for its screen recordings?

    PNG is a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression with better quality if a combination of text and image is selected. If you prefer another format, open the captured screenshot with an image viewer and save it into a new format.

  7. Does the quality of the captured image depend on screen resolution?

    Yes, the screenshot is capturing of the pixels within the defined image area. So a higher resolution screen like Retina displays will have more pixels, and consequently, you will get a more detailed screenshot.

  8. What happens if a page is bigger than the size of my screen. How does the "Easy Screenshot" extension capture the screenshot from the entire page?

    This extension scrolls the page horizontally and vertically until the entire page is covered. These pieces are then merged and form the entire page. Since the extension needs to wait for scrolling to update the page position, it takes a few seconds for the extension to swipe the entire screen. Do not try to scroll the page while this operation is finished.

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    Editorial Review

    Easy Screenshot extension has a few different options to capture the current tab. While the default print screen functions can be used for copying what's on your screen, screen capturing in seconds simply is not a possibility when you have to go to the paint application or a photo editor to save the screenshot or crop it. The "Easy Screenshot" extension is a browser extension that makes it simple for you to quickly capture various segments of your screen or the entire screen and with one button press. All of your screenshots are saved to a particular directory outside of the extension and you can access them at any time for presentations, references, and more. "Easy Screenshot" works in a variety of different browsers as a capturing tool and does not require a restart of your browser to install. This means you can simply download the extension and enjoy the full features of this product without a reboot and with minimal memory load on your browser and CPU. Some features of the "Easy Screenshot" extension are, being able to have multiple capture options. In other words, you can capture the entire screen with a single button press depending on your set key controller preferences you can also set up shortcuts to capture the visible area of your screen as well as selected areas of your screen in portions. By right-clicking anywhere on the page you can also select the screenshot option to quickly capture visual segments of the screen that fall outside of your set preferences. The wide compatibility of this addon; not only is easy screenshot extremely compatible with several browsers but the files that it produces are all in PNG format and saved with the title of the page in your browser bar for quick reference. And finally, easy file management; all of your screenshots are instantly saved into one directory in PNG format and with file-names that are taken directly from the browser so that you can quickly locate them. Use the "Easy Screenshot" extension now to make the process of screen capture easier than ever before. To add this addon to your browser, simply scroll to the Bottom of this page and click on the desired Browser's icon to download the extension (you will be directed to the related addon store to download the addon). We do NOT host any extensions/addons/plugins on our website, all the download links will direct you to the related Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Safari addon stores.

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