Self Destructing Cookies Change cookie policy to be removed when session is closed or when tab is closed
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The "Self Destructing Cookies" extension is meant to prevent websites from tracking users by storing unique cookies. The extension has two operation modes: either it removes cookies when there is no open tab with the same origin or it removes the expiration date of individual cookies and hence converts them into session-only cookies. session-only cookies can live until browser session is alive. The extension is useful to browse anonymously. It is possible to add certain hostnames to the whitelist to prevent the extension from altering cookies. When the extension is set to the "session" mode it is basically equivalent to browsing in the private mode (incognito mode) except it supports whitelisting.


  1. What is the "Self-Destructing Cookies" extension and how does it work?

    When enabled (the toolbar button is colorful), the extension has two different modes of operation: "session" and "tabs". "session" mode means the extension alters each cookie that is generated or being modified such that the expiration date is removed. This way the cookie is converted to a session-only mode and will be invalidated once your current session is closed. "tabs" mode deletes all the cookies related to the current top origin once the tab is closed and there are no other tabs with the same origin. So if for instance, you have two open Gmail tabs, by closing the first one you are still logged-in, but when both Gmail tabs are closed, you will need to log-in one more time in the "tabs" mode. For the "session" mode, you will be logged-in until all browser windows are closed (or current session is closed).

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  3. How can I add a single domain to the whitelist so that cookies are kept between browser sessions?

    Open a new browser tab targeting this domain, and right-click on the toolbar button and hit the "Add to the whitelist" item. This way the domain is placed in the whitelist and the extension does not interact with those cookies that originated from this domain in both "session" and "tabs" modes. Note that both "session" and "tabs" mode share the same whitelist filtering rules. To delete the hostname from the whitelist, go to the options page and clear the hostname and then press the "save" button. It is possible to add multiple hostnames from the options page as well.

  4. Is it possible to temporarily disable the extension?

    Yes, simply left-click on the toolbar button once. When the icon is colorful, the extension is active and when it is grayed out, the extension is disabled. By placing the mouse over the toolbar button you can see the current status and if it is active, you will see the mode of operation ("tabs" or "session").

  5. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  6. How can I change the operation mode from "session" to "tabs" and wise-versa?

    Use the right-click items over the toolbar button. There are two options in a radio group to select your preferred mode of operation.

  7. How can I make sure the extension is operating when it is active?

    The extension reports the last 5 cookie interactions in the tooltip area of the toolbar button. When your mouse is placed on top of the toolbar button, you will see these logs. For instance, in the "tabs" mode, open a browser tab and, load a website and then close the tab. You should get a new line reporting the total number of blocked cookies for this hostname in a new line. For "session" mode, once a new cookie with an expiration time is generated, the extension deletes the expiration date and adds a new line to the log section containing the name of the cookie and its origin.

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    *://*/*to have access to the cookies from all domains

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