Send Links and Clipboard (Via Websocket) Open links in another browser or send the clipboard content via a custom private WebSocket server
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The "Send Links and Clipboard (Via Websocket)" extension is meant to ease the link transfer between multiple browsers either on the same machine or over the internet in a secure manner. This extension uses a private WebSocket server to communicate with the other browsers on the same network. Each computer has its unique name and when it gets connected to the network, other members on the same network can send links and share clipboard content with this computer. By default, the extension uses wss:// as the primary WebSocket server. But you can change it to any public or private WSS server. Note that to use, you need to get a free TOKEN to create your network. If you are going to use this extension only on a local network, it is recommended to prepare a private WSS network instead so that the extension could operate even if there is no internet connection.



  1. What is the "Send Links and Clipboard" add-on and how can I use it?

    This extension uses a WebSocket server to connect multiple computers. After installation, click on the browser action button and the extension directs you to the options page where you can set your private token. This token is required to prepare a private network for your computers. To get the token open in a browser tab and sign up once for free. Then create a single token and use that token in all the browsers that are supposed to be connected. When the token is placed, press the save button and wait for the extension to join the network. Do this on all the browsers that need to be connected. Make sure to update the browser names so that you or other members can distinguish between the different browsers. When all the computers are connected to the network (there is no "D" on the badges of the browser action button), you are ready to send links and the selected text to any member of the network. To send the page link, right-click on the browser action and find the computer that the page should get opened. To send a link on a webpage, use the right-click context menu over the link. To send a text content, simply select the text and find the computer on the right-click context menu.

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  3. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  4. What is the use of the left-click on the toolbar button?

    If there is no token entered on the options page, then left-click directs the user to the options page so that the token can be saved. If the token is saved, then the left-click is used to toggle the network connection on and off. You can press it once to disconnect from the network, this way other members of the network get an alert that your browser is leaving the network so the context menu items for your browser will be removed from those machines. You can join the network by pressing the toolbar button one more time. When the extension is not connected you will get the "D" badge and when it is trying to connect, you will get a "..." badge on the toolbar button. Note that if you are on the network, any member of your private network can open links on your machine or update your clipboard content. If this is not desirable, simply disconnect from the network and join into it when needed.

  5. Is it safe to use this extension?

    This extension does not offer any public WebSocket server, you need to create your own or at least create your token so that nobody else can join the network. Note that you can create your WSS server as well and use that server with this extension. You still need to fill the token box with an arbitrary text though. Also if you are planning to use this extension to just connect a few browsers on a sample machine or over a local network, it is recommended to set up a fully private WSS server on a single machine and connect to that server instead.

  6. Can I send files to other machines with this extension?

    At the moment no it is not possible, but we are going to have this feature soon.

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    Permissions are explained

    notificationsto send notifications when the clipboard content is updated
    storageto save the server token and other preferences
    contextMenusto add context menu items to the right-click context menu or to the browser's action button
    clipboardWriteto write to the clipboard
    activeTabto find the URL of the active tab on a user action
    wss://*to have access to the primary WSS server which can be replaced

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