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The "SoundCloud Controls" extension (add-on) allows you to control without the need to switch to the SoundCloud's open tab(s). You can play, pause, change track position or even mark the track as liked or disliked right from the toolbar button.



  1. What is SoundCloud Controls extension and how does it work?

    SoundCloud Controls is a simple extension to allow you control without the need to actually switching to the SoundCloud tab. You have access to all the important controls from a toolbar panel. You can pause or resume current track, switch to next or previous track or even like or dislike a track from a single panel. For information about currently playing tack just hover mouse over the the toolbar panel; channel's name as well as the track's name are shown as toolbar's tooltip.

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  3. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  4. In Chrome browser, why although is open, still the toolbar ask for opening

    In Chrome browser, after installation, you need to reload SoundCloud tabs and start one track in order for the extension to detect the players.

  5. Can I close SoundCloud tab after the player starts playing a track?

    No, currently there is no plan to support hidden SoundCloud players. You need to keep your SoundCloud tab opened for the extension to continue tracking the player.

  6. Can I have more than one open SoundCloud tabs?

    Yes, SoundCloud Controls can manage all open SoundCloud tabs. If you press previous or next track in the panel, the currently playing tab will switch to the next/previous track. If all SoundCloud tabs are in pause mode, the first tab will start playing.

  7. Can I control SoundCloud's player volume from the panel?

    No, currently the panel does not allow you adjusting volume of the player, though you can see player's volume level in the panel (I might consider adding this feature in the feature).

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    Editorial Review

    Music is said to be a form of art, which involves audible and organized sounds, combined with a bit of silence. For years now, we have been provided with different portals to connect ourselves with the best and trending music. One of these platforms, which has quickly become one of the leading mediums of promoting your music and getting recognition in the niche is SoundCloud. The music industry is said to have been given a major boost by SoundCloud, as it not only provides topnotch music but also lets aspiring musicians and upcoming artists to promote themselves and their work. There are numerous artists who share their music and mixes over this platform and have a stream of followers, who not only listen to their music but also aid in promoting it on other social media channels. Apart from providing music, SoundCloud is also a mediocre medium to socialize with people living in different parts of the world. However, when it comes to accessing SoundCloud controls, while you are in the middle of surfing INTERNET for other information, you might find it problematic. In such cases, SoundCloud Controls can be the remedy to your problem.

    SoundCloud Controls is a user-friendly add-on, which helps users, in accessing all the interface controls of SoundCloud, with a simple click of a button. This convenient extension provides you with the ability to access all controls of SoundCloud from the toolbar, and also organize multiple instances, from a single panel. Moreover, through this add-on, users have the ability to mark a song as liked or disliked, while preventing yourself from switching tabs. Above all, SoundCloud Controls can help you change the currently playing sound, without switching tabs.

    I would recommend SoundCloud Controls to anyone who needs a faster and easier access to their SoundCloud controls.

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