Spoof Timezone Spoof your browser timezone to match with your proxy configuration
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The "Spoof Timezone" extension is used for spoofing browser timezone to a user-defined value. Web pages can find your current physical timezone from JavaScript through "Date" and "Intl" methods. This extension places a wrapper for both methods that return user-defined value instead of the actual value. This way your physical timezone is protected. Note that the extension also supports random timezone spoofing which is used to prevent websites from using your current timezone as an element for uniquely identifying your browser. The main usage of this extension is to set a timezone that matches with your proxy configuration. This way it will be harder to detect if a user is behind a proxy even a transparent one.


  1. What is "Spoof Timezone" extension and how does it work?

    This extension is designed to prevent websites from detecting your possible location through either Intl.DateTimeFormat().resolvedOptions() or new Date() methods. Basically, the extension adds a wrapper to both methods to change the browser's timezone to the one that user is defined in the options page. By default, the extension uses "Europe/London" as your timezone (GMT +0000). Note that you can easily enable or disable timezone spoofing by clicking on the toolbar button. To detect your current timezone, use the tool in the right-click context menu over the toolbar button.

    This is what websites can gatter using these methods:

    Main Frame
    1. Date method:
    2. Date method (with delay):...
    2. Date method (inline):...
    3. DateTimeFormat method:
    -> Server and PC time difference:...
    -> Offset method:
    1. Date method:
    2. DateTimeFormat method:

    You can refresh this page after the timezone is modified to see if the extension is working as expected or not. To see all countries at different UTC time offsets take a look at [https://wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_UTC_time_offsets](https://wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_UTC_time_offsets)

    Based on your browser WebExtension implimentation the "inline" method might leak your actual timezone!

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  3. How can I use this extension to prevent fingerprinting?

    If a fingerprinting algorithm uses your current timezone value to build a unique identification value just for your browser, you can go to the options page and enable the random timezone feature. This way the extension generates a new time zone for you when a page is refreshed. Note that by having the random timezone setting enabled, your GEO location that is returned from your IP address (or the IP address of your proxy software) will not match with the timezone offset that is returned by the JavaScript methods.

  4. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  5. How can I find the correct value for the timezone when I am using a proxy server to connect to the internet?

    First, make sure your proxy software is working. Then visit https://ipleak.net/ website and wait until all your information is gathered. Now head to the "Time Zone" section and find the actual value of the time zone that matches with your current IP address. This is the value that you need to set on the options page!

  6. Can I ask the extension to find my current timezone based on the proxy server that I am using?

    Yes, as of version 0.1.4, there is a new item in the right-click context menu to automatically detect your timezone. You can even ask the extension to update the timezone on every browser restart. If your timezone is changed from the previous update, the extension will display a desktop notification to inform the user about the recent update. Note that this option is disabled by default.

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    storageto save user-defined timezone value
    *://*/*to be able to inject the wrapper script to all hostnames
    webNavigationto detect when a new document is created
    contextMenusto add the right-click tool over the toolbar button context

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