Web Player for Spotify™ Access to the official Spotify Web player within a sandboxed (isolated) window
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"Web Player for Spotify™" is a Chrome application to load the official Spotify web player inside an isolated window. This application can be used instead of the desktop version of Spotify as it supports almost all the desktop version's features. Note that the web player is loaded in an isolated (sandboxed) window which cannot interact with your browser hence you need to login into the player one more time. For extension version, there is an isolated iframe instead of webview and hence there is no need to login again if you already logged-in in your browser once.



  1. What is "Web Player for Spotify™" extension and how does it work?

    Web Player for Spotify™ used to be a Chrome packaged application to access the official Spotify web player's user interface in a sandboxed window. This application can be used when the desktop version is not supported in an operation system, or when you do not have permission to install the desktop version. The web player has almost all the features the desktop version has.

    Please note that the UI of the Spotify Web as well as all its features are developed and maintained by Spotify web team. This application only loads the official version (without altering anything) inside a packaged app for easier access. For terms of use of the web player please visit https://www.spotify.com/fr/legal/end-user-agreement/.

    As of version 0.2.0, the packed application is transformed into WebExtension and all known music listening issues are fixed.

  2. recommended "Spoof Geolocation" extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers

    This extension alters the reported GEO location by your browser. You can provide your custom latitude and longitude to any website to improve privacy or get localized data from a custom location. This extension is also useful if you have a SOCKS proxy on your browser to have a consistent IP address with the GEO data. Read more here.

  3. Do I need to have any external software to run the "Web Player for Spotify™" extension?

    No, Web Player for Spotify™ add-on can be installed if you have a modern browser like Google Chrome or Firefox on a computer. Note that the web player requires Adobe Flash Plugin to work properly. Spotify Web still uses Flash over the HTML5 player. So in order to play songs in the application, make sure you have an up-to-date Adobe Flash plugin. Check https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ to make sure your Flash version is up-to-date.

  4. What options do I have in the left side menu?

    You can open Spotify web UI in a browser window, open the bug reporter, open this FAQs page right from the left side menu.

  5. Why Web Player for Spotify™ application uses sandbox isolation?

    Chrome applications can append a browser element into their UI. This browser element has no interaction with the user's browser for privacy reasons. So you can even login into the web player with another credential as the one you already have in your browser.

  6. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  7. Will "Web Player for Spotify™" add-on be available for Firefox browser?

    Yes, finally I rewrote the extension and now it is available for Firefox as well as Opera browsers. Use the download section on top of this page to find links!

  8. I am getting "Flash Player is not enabled" message when open the application window in the Chrome browser. How can I fix this?

    Open chrome://settings/contentExceptions#plugins in a browser tab. Add [*.]spotify.com in the Hostname pattern field then press Enter key. Now refresh the window using the built-in button or close and reopen the window.

  9. Can I perform music player actions without the need to bring the Spotify window up?

    As of version 0.2.0, it is possible to use right-click over the toolbar button to pause, resume, switch to next or previous track right from the browser toolbar. Also in Chrome and Chrome like browsers, you can define custom keyboard shortcuts for all these actions. Just head to chrome://extensions/configureCommands and configure your custom keyboard shortcut for each action. Note that there is no pre-defined shortcut for these player actions.

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    Editorial Review

    Streaming live music over the internet has become a popular and many tools have been developed in order to make this task easy for the users. Similarly, Spotify is rapidly becoming one of the leading mediums in the market, when it comes to streaming love music over the internet. Spotify has already surpassed last.fm and Napster, and since it has been released in the US, it is being claimed to be the true iTunes killer. Being a great alternative to buying songs over iTunes and similar tools, Spotify has become one of the most interactive and engaging ways to listen to your favorite music wherever you go. Moreover, it allows you to make your own library of songs, while selecting amidst some of the best songs in your customized playlist. However, when you need to open the official Spotify page while multitasking, you might find it an extremely daunting task. This is where "Spotify™ Web Player" add-on can help!

    The "Spotify™ Web Player" add-on is a convenient tool, which provides you with an access to the official Spotify website page, in an isolated sandboxed window. With an entry to the official music player of Spotify wherever you are, you have the opportunity to listen to your favorite track, and skip the tracks which you do not want to listen to – in a blink of an eye. On top of everything else, the cross platform can be accessed even when the desktop version is not available, and the isolated window is separate from your browsers session.

    I would recommend this exceptional extension to everyone, especially people looking to listen to their favorite songs while working on different tabs.

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