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The "SQLite Viewer" extension is a simple-to-use SQLite viewer and editor. It can browse local database files or server-side database links. The user can also ask the extension to create a new empty database inside your browser memory. There is also a sample database inside the extension for test purposes. In oppose to the other similar applications, this extension loads the database inside the browser memory and only displays the rows that fit into the viewport. By scrolling down, the extension loads more results on demand. By using this method, the user should not worry that the SQLite statement might result in many rows that it might take some time or the application to render the user interface. Upon opening a database, the extension analyses the database to find existing tables then displays the list of tables to the user to select a table that should be browsed. To open another table, simply use the "Manager" tab and open a new tab for an existing database. Each tab also has a command section that can be accessed by Ctrl + E or Command + E. You can execute custom SQLite statements and see the results in the active tab. You can also download the databases later if the modified database is needed.



  1. What is the "SQLite Viewer" add-on and how can I use it?

    SQLite is a fast and reliable database format, but it is a bit of pain when you what to browse a database. This extension is meant to ease the database access without the need to install a native application. This extension works offline. You can browse SQLite databases with a single click. To ease the opening process, the extension offers opening a table on the database by displaying the list of all available tables to the user and preselecting the first available table. Of course, the user can run a custom SQLite query on each tab and see the results by pressing the Enter key. This extension supports a keyboard shortcut for each action that it supports. The user can have multiple tabs for a single database to for instance display different tables on different tabs. You can use Ctrl/Command plus a number key to switch between tabs. To switch to the manager tab simply press Ctrl/Command + Digit1 keys. When running a custom SQLite command, the user should not be worried about the size of the resulting table since this extension only fetches the result that is viewable to the user. Once the end of the table is about to reach, the extension fetches the new results. This way you can open even large tables with a simple command like "SELECT * from TABLE_NAME".

  2. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  3. What is the list of supported keyboard shortcuts?

    Open Local DatabaseCtrl + O or Command + O
    Create Empty DatabaseCtrl + D or Command + D
    Open Remote DatabaseCtrl + L or Command + L
    Open Sample DatabaseCtrl + B or Command + B
    New Tab for Active DatabaseCtrl + E or Command + E
    Save Active DatabaseCtrl + S or Command + S
    Table View
    Edit QueryCtrl + E or Cmmand + E
    Focus TableEscape

  4. Does this extension use remote servers to parse the SQLite databases?

    No this extension does not rely on any external resource at all. There is no remote service involved with the opening of databases. This extension uses the Emscripten compiled sql.js library to open SQLite databases in your bbrowser's memory using WebAssembly. When an SQLite Viewer tab is closed, the database is removed from your browser memory and there is no fingerprint after closing the tab. Also, there is no hidden script (aka background script) related to this extension. All the operations occur inside the browser tab to prevent any sort of memory leakage.

  5. Can I use this extension to plot a table?

    No, this extension is meant to display a SQLite query in a table format with auto fetch results on scroll. If you need more advance tool to play with the database, use "SQLite Manager" extension for Chrome or Firefox

  6. How can I create a sample table on a clean database?

    First, create a sample table:

    CREATE TABLE sample_table (id INTEGER, content TEXT)

    Then insert some sample data into the table:

    INSERT INTO sample_table (id, content) VALUES (1, "This is Line #1"), (2, "This is Line #2")

    Now read the records from the table:

    SELECT * from sample_table

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