Stop Autoplay Next for YouTube™ Turn off YouTube's new Autoplaying next track feature
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"Stop Autoplay Next for YouTube™" disables YouTube from playing the next track after the current one is over. Although it is possible to turn this off manually by clicking on the blue autoplay slider on the UI, this options doesn't seems to be persistent. This extension disables this feature entirely.



  1. What is Stop AutoPlay Next for YouTube™ extension?

    YouTube has a new feature to play a relevant track once the current track is over. Unfortunately there is no simple way to permanently turn this feature off. Even if you click on the blue slider to disable the auto-playing feature, on next session, the auto-playing is enabled. Using this extension, the auto-playing will be permanently disabled. In fact you will see that there is no blue slider button on the UI anymore and the next suggested track is blurred out.

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  3. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  4. How does Stop AutoPlay Next for YouTube™ extension work?

    YouTbue uses a seperate module to handle auto-playing next track feature. This extension adds an observer to the network and rejects access to this module hence YouTube thinks the module is not currently available and will not activate it.

  5. Having Stop AutoPlay Next for YouTube™ enabled, can I still know what was the next suggested track?

    Yes, still next track is shown in the previous place, but it is blurred out. Clicking on this track causes YouTube to play it. Sometimes YouTube suggests very relevant tracks and that's the reason why the suggestion box is not completely removed.

  6. Does Stop AutoPlay Next for YouTube™ have an options page?

    No! there is no options page. If you need to re-enabling auto-playing feature simply disable the extension from add-ons manager. In Firefox, head to "about:addons" page and in Chrome head to "chrome://extensions/" page. Find the extension and temporary disable it.

  7. How lightweight Stop AutoPlay Next for YouTube™ is and can it slow down my browser?

    Stop AutoPlay Next for YouTube™ is very lightweight. It only installs an observer on the YouTube related network requests as well as a CSS injection to remove the toggler button. It is very unlikely your browser performance is affected by installing this extension.

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    Editorial Review

    YouTube is one of the most viewed websites on the internet, in today's time and age. It started off as an infamous video sharing platform, but with the interactive tools it had been equipped with, YouTube became famous in a few years. YouTube has been used by creative people to interact with loved ones, sitting in different corners of the world and it has been used by the digital warriors, as one of the most engaging marketing techniques in their specified niche. Apart from giving an opportunity to share a video, YouTube has also been famously known for creating an image in the online realm. People who used their innovation to make compelling videos have used YouTube as a platform to prove their metal and show their online presence. Moreover, with the interactive tools YouTube offers, it helps people in socializing with people from different areas. People have the chance of dropping comments on certain videos and subscribing to channels, to follow people they like. However, when you are multitasking, and you've played your favorite track, you might find it a nuisance that YouTube automatically plays the next track in line, without you even allowing it. This is where Stop AutoPlay Next for YouTube comes in handy.

    Stop AutoPlay Next for YouTube is an interactive add-on, which helps users to stop YouTube from playing the next song in line, without permission. This helps users to listen to their favorite tracks for as long as they desire. Moreover, it also helps users to choose songs which they want, without having to stop their favorite song in the middle. It is a user-friendly extension, which helps you to disable the auto-play mode. It can also remove the auto-play slider button from your YouTube interface. Above all, the Stop AutoPlay Next for YouTube can turn o auto-play persistent across the browser sessions.

    I would recommend this add-on to everyone, especially people who are looking for an easy way to stop the auto-play mode of YouTube.

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