Classic Blocks Puzzle Tetris is a classic tile-matching puzzle game
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"Classic Blocks Puzzle" is the world's favorite and most addictive video game that was developed in Moscow in 1985 on a computer dubbed the Soviet Electronica-60. Later that year, its creator, Alexey Pazhitnov, adapted it for players worldwide on the IBM PC platform. From then on, it has soared to great success, selling over 30 million copies on Nintendo's Game Boy system alone.



  1. How can I play this game?

    After installation, based on your platform, you may have a toolbar button or a button in the launcher pad. Click the button to initiate the game console. Shapes called tetrads fall, one at a time, from the top of the playing field to the bottom. Tetrads are comprised of 4 squares arranged into 7 different patterns. The object of the game is to keep the blocks from piling up to the top of the playing field. To do this, the player must move and rotate the tetrads as they fall, attempting to fit them together. If the player can completely fill one horizontal line with colored squares, that line disappears and any filled squares above move down. If the player is unable to fill lines completely, the tetrads will stack up and eventually reach the top of the playing field. The game ends when a new tetrad that is placed at the top of the playing field is unable to drop at all due to the filled blocks.

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  3. How is the score calculated?

    The game counts of the total number of lines completed. The game starts at Level 1, and the level is incremented after every 10 lines are completed. (After completing 90 lines, the game remains at level 10.) With each increase in level comes an increase in the speed of the dropping tetrads. Points are assigned when lines are completed, with bonus points for completing several lines simultaneously (shown in the chart below):

    • 1 line => 400 points * level
    • 2 lines simultaneously => 1000 points * level
    • 3 lines simultaneously => 3000 points * level
    • 4 lines simultaneously => 12000 points * level

  4. Here is the list of supported keyboard shortcuts:

    • "S" Key: Start the game
    • "P" Key: Pause the page
    • "R" Key: Resume the page
    • "Arrow Left" or "J" Keys: Move the block to the left
    • "Arrow Right" or "L" Keys: Move the block to the right
    • "Arrow Up" or "I" Keys: Rotate the block 90 degrees
    • "Arrow Down" or "K" Keys: Fast fall down
    • ,

  5. Is it possible to increase the game speed?

    Yes, the more lines completed at once, the more points gained. Completing the maximum number of lines at once, four, is known as a "Tetris" and can only be pulled off with straight, long rectangle tetrominoes. By gaining more points, your level raises and hence the speed of the game.

  6. How can I pause the game?

    There are two ways to pause the game. Either click on the options button or just minimize the game console. The game is only active when it has focus.

  7. Why the game window is not resizeable?

    This extension, for now, uses a default window size for the game. If it is not proper for your use case, please open a bug report, and I'll consider adding an option to resize the window while keeping the aspect ratio intact.

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    The passion an avid-retro gamer has for video games is undeniable. In this world of game consoles and modern computers, the word gaming addiction cannot be understated. Recently surpassing DVD and TV, video games have become the number one choice for screen addition, which people might choose. Since the first Atari system, the video game phenomena has evolved tremendously. Today, there are exceptional gaming systems in the market. Cordless controllers, sports-based controllers, and gun-shaped controllers have been introduced to add an additional thrilling touch to the gaming experience. During the time of instability, the video game industry has been one of the strongest and the number of opportunities in this filed, even today, are growing by an increasing number. One of the mots played video games since any of us can remember, is Tetris. From a humble beginning as a block game to an evolution into a programmed game introduced by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, in Moscow, Tetris has proved its metal by being one of the most addictive games which came in decades. However, while surfing the internet or working online, most people do not have the option to pass their time. This is where Tetris steps in.

    Tetris is a user-friendly add-on, which helps users in enjoying an interactive and engaging pass time, while browsing for information over the internet. Tetris is a convenient extension, which is using the famous Blockrain engine, and is extremely fun to play. Moreover, this Tetris add-on is exceptionally lightweight and does not take up much memory space or CPU usage. Additionally, the same UI is available on several different platforms. Above all, Tetris can be added to your toolbar and be accessible with a click of a button.

    I would recommend this fun and interactive Tetris add-on to everyone, especially people who like to take a break in between working sessions.

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