Text Encryption Tool Encode and decode string data using custom SHA256 public and private keys
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"Text Encryption Tool" adds four items to the right-click context-menu over the selection context. Two items are to encode string data and two others are to decode either to the clipboard or as the replacement to the original string. The extension works with all HTML5 element types. If an editable element is a target, the encoded or decoded strings are being inserted. If other HTML elements are being targeted, then formatting will be lost (plain text is replaced the actual HTML tags).


  1. What is the "Text Encryption Tool" extension and how does it work?

    This extension aims to easy encrypted text generation by providing four context-menu items for selection context. Two context-menu items are used for encryption and decryption to the clipboard and the two others are for replacing the original textual data. Upon an encryption call, you will be asked to enter a custom passphrase twice to make sure there is no typo in the passphrase. Note that there is "NO" way to decrypt an already encrypted data if the passphrase is lost.

    This extension can be used for instance to send an import textual data along with your email. Or store passwords securely in your Gmail account. Just make sure to add a note that the encrypted text can be decrypted using any SHA256 decoder.

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  3. How does "Text Encryption Tool" encode strings? Is this really safe?

    This extension uses SHA256 algorithm to encrypt your textual data. In more details, the extension uses the provided passphrase as the private key and will generate a random public key as well. Whenever you want to decrypt the data, the extension generates a new public key (since there is no access to the old one and actually there is no need for that either) and uses the provided passphrase as the private key. This is a pretty strong method to keep your data safe. Just note that there is practically no way to decrypt an already encrypted text if your password is forgotten. Make sure to add a hint about the password when performing an encryption. Also, note that you can have different passphrases each time you are encrypting a new string data.

  4. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  5. I want to send a password to another machine of mine, but I want to do it securely. Is it possible to use this extension?

    On version 0.2.0, press the action button to open the "Encryption Tool". In this view, write your private data in the "Input" field. Now choose a storage passphrase to encrypt data with. Press the "Encrypt" button, then press the "Record" button and choose a name for your new record. Note that this name needs to be unique unless you want to overwrite an old entry. The extension stores your encrypted data in your browser's synced storage. This data will be transmitted across all other browsers that you are logged in to. You can access it there safely, and you can even delete it from another machine.

  6. Can I use this extension to encrypt arbitrary data which is not inside a web page?

    Version 0.2.0, introduces the "Encryption Tools" view. You can access it from the action button, or right-click the context menu over the page. This tool can be used to encrypt or decrypt contextual data.

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    contextMenusto add context-menu items to the selection context
    notificationsnotify user when operation is performed either successfully or not
    storageto keep user and internal preferences such as version number
    *://*/*to be able to inject script when an action is performed (to replace text data when replace mode is used)

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