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The "Toolbar Music Controls" extension places a toolbar popup in your browser toolbar area to control the newly introduced YouTube Music service right from the toolbar area without the need to switch to its tab. Note that you need to have an open YouTube Music tab for the extension to work. Basically, it uses the tab's actual data to construct the popup. From this popup you can access to the basic controls like play, pause, switch to the previous and next tracks, shuffle playlist and mark as liked and disliked. The extension also displays the current playlist and allow you to select a song from this playlist. If there is no YouTube Music tab opened, the extension offers opening one for you. To change the player there is no need for this tab to be active so you can switch music or pause the player without being distracted.



  1. What is the "Toolbar Controls for YouTube Music" extension?

    This extension offers a similar to the original YouTube controls in the toolbar popup to control the player without switching tabs. For the extension to operate you need to have a working player in a browser tab for If there is no open tab, the extension offers opening one for you. It also listed some of the popular categories so you can directly open a category. When you have selected a category and started playing something, you can now control the player right from the toolbar area. There is no need for this tab to get activated anymore. In the popup area, you can play, pause, resume, change volume, seek, or mark a track as liked or disliked. Note that for the like and dislike buttons to work, you need to be logged-in.

  2. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  3. How does the extension work?

    This extension uses my music-player-library as its user interface. When the popup is open, the extension searches all the open tabs for an active YouTube Music tab. Then injects a minimal inspection script to find the current player status. If the player is playing a song, then the inspection script updates the UI every one second to keep the popup progress in sync with the actual player. However, if the player is in the paused state, the extension does not inspect the YouTube Music page at all until the player starts playing something. Note that to have no effect on your browser performance, this extension does not inject any scripts at all unless the popup is opened. This way there is absolutely no CPU usage unless the user actually using the extension.

  4. What is the music-player-library project?

    This project a YouTube-liked music player interface that can be used with any engine to control the playback. This library supports progress seeking and automatically requests updates only when needed.

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    tabsto find YouTube Music tab and warn you when there is no open YouTube Music tab
    storageto save your preferences
    *://*to be able to inject controlling scripts into the YouTube Music page

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