Download Virus Checker Automatically check all your downloads against 68 anti-virus solutions
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The "Download Virus Checker" extension provides automatic check for all your downloads through 68 online anti-virus solutions. Basically the extension sends your download link to VirusTotal service and wait for its response. If number of positive responses is over defined number (default is 3), a warning window pops-up with information about the link. A complete list of scan reports provided in this window as well.



  1. What is "Download Virus Checker" extension and how does it work?

    The extension requires zero configuration after installation. When a new download is requested, its original link will be scanned through 68 anti-virus solutions. If the report is clean, nothing happens. However, if some of anti-virus solutions report positive, a warning window is displayed for your attention. Information about the report and download link is displayed in this window.

    Note that this extension is not going to cancel your download. It is going to display the warning window. It is your responsibility to cancel the download or delete the local file.

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  3. What is the condition to display the warning window?

    Normally each download is checked against 68 anti-virus solution. When there are more than 2 positive reports, you will get the warning window. The number of total positive reports is adjustable from the options page.

  4. Is "Download Virus Checker" extension going to check all the downloaded links?

    It depends on the mime types. For instance by default "audio", "video", "image", and " text/plain" mimes are ignored. The list of white-list mime types are configurable from the options page.

  5. Why does "Download Virus Checker" extension take so long for a single virus check?

    The core API behind this extension is VirusTotal. VirusTotal allows 3 requests per one minute. Each link checking requires at least two API calls (one for submitting the link and the other one to fetch report) which means each check at least takes about 20 seconds. The next job is queue for 40 seconds after the first one is requested.

  6. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  7. Is it possible to check a link first then start downloading it?

    Yes, use right click over the link and select "Save Link". A save dialog is displayed asking for local file-name. Once this dialog is shown, the link is already added to the queue list and badge number over the toolbar button is incremented. Wait until the badge goes back to zero. Once it is zero, it means there is no ongoing scans and hence the link had no security thread. At this point you can click on the save button to actually store the link locally.

  8. Is it possible to abort currently queue list?

    Yes (currently on Chrome and Opera only), click on the toolbar button for the desktop notification to appear. Clicking on this notification cancels all the ongoing scans and resets the extension.

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    Have you been a victim of downloading malicious software? Have you lost your important files because of a virus that you downloaded with a software? If yes, you should definitely try Download Virus Checker. This lite add-on checks the file for any viruses that you are supposed to download. Download Virus Checker checks the download files through 68 online anti-virus solutions. Basically the extension sends your download link to “VirusTotal” service and wait for its response. If number of positive responses is over the defined number which is 3, the add-on opens up a warning window pops-up with information about the link. You can also change and modify the number of responses by going to the settings page.

    This is just a virus checker. You should not download the file from the link if it displays a list of viruses on the file. This add-on cannot clean the viruses but just give you a notice. However, if you still wish to download the file, you can continue with the download process.

    This add-on supports multiple browsers. You can download it for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. The add-on gives you the liberty to check a link before downloading the file. Download Virus Checker can check all the downloaded links. By default "audio", "video", "image", and "text/plain" mimes are ignored. The list of white-list mime types are configurable from the options page and can be changed accordingly. If you download too many stuff from the internet, you should download this add-on to save yourself from harmful viruses and malicious software. This is a lite add-on and will not slower down your browser. It checks the downloading files quickly but may take a few minutes because VirusTotal allows checking only 3 links per minute from a single IP address.

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