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The "Webcam Recorder" extension once activated starts to display the webcam output in a video player. The user can press the "recording" button to ask the extension to start recording what is seen on the player. Once the "stop" button is pressed, the extension loads the recording and saves it as a video file in the default download directory of your browser. Note that this extension is only active once its recording window is open. There is no background activity related to this extension. You can open the recording window in "window", "tab", or "popup" modes. To change the video opening behavior, use the right-click context menu items. Note that you can record a new instance once an active recording is over.



  1. What is the "Webcam Recorder" add-on and how can I use it?

    Webcam Recorder is a browser extension to record the screens from your webcam with an optional feature to capture audio from the user's microphone. Since access to these devices has privacy concerns, this extension does not request any permission. The extension works completely offline without any server interaction whatsoever. To even more respect user privacy, the extension can only capture videos once the capturing window is open. This extension uses none persistent background script which means it is only active when the capturing window is open. Audio recording is optional. You can check or uncheck this feature in the capturing window. Note that changing the audio recording requires an automatic soft restart.

  2. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  3. Can I change how the recording window behaves?

    The recording window can gets opened in the "window", "tab" or "popup" modes. The default mode is the "window" mode. You can change the recording mode by using the right-click context menu items over the toolbar button. Note that to protect the user privacy this extension only allows a single instance of recording. So if a recording window is open and the mode is changed to the "tab" or "popup", once a new instance is started, the old one gets closed

  4. Where does the extension save the video files and what is the format of these files?

    This extension uses WebM video format to record video files. This is a new video format that is supported by the majority of modern browsers. You can even use your browser to play these videos by just dropping each into a new browser window. You can also use the famous VLC media player to play the output files. Note that this extension always saves the video files in the default download directory of your browser. If you don't know where this location is, open the download manager window and access the folder from there. If the WebM format is not working for you, use the "Media Converter" extension by "InBasic" to convert it into the MP4 format.

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