Window Resizer Resize current window to the predefined set from a popup toolbar
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The "Window Resizer" extension provides a toolbar panel to instantly change the window layout to a predefined set based. The user can append or remove items from this list or change the order of these items. Each item has a visual appearance for easier detection. Base on the current monitor, the extension expands or collapses the window size to fit into the designated area. All the sizes are in percent which means the extension is able to work on any monitor size by recalculating all sizes each time. This extension supports six user-defined keyboard combinations to call the first six layout sizes without even opening the popup window. Also, it uses a non-persistent background script to be idle when it is not being used. This way it has no performance effect whatsoever on the user's browser experience.



  1. What is the "Window Resizer" add-on and how can I use it?

    This extension is a tool to adjust the current window size based on a predefined set of sizes that are configurable. The user can also adjust on which available monitor the window should be placed when resizing is being placed. This extension by default select the currently active monitor but there is a select box to change the display. All units in the popup of this extension are in percent which means each size is being calculated based on the selected display just before resizing is done. You can see each layout in the left section of the popup window and in the right-side sidebar you can add a new layout or select the display that the resizing should be based on.

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  3. What's new in this version?

    Please check the Logs section.

  4. How can I add a new layout?

    Use the right-side sidebar to add a new layout. All four fields are mandatory. You need to set all these values in percent. For instance, if you need the window to be filled the half left side of the display, then the left value would be 0% which means the left side is placed on 0% of the display. The right side, however, is 50% and the top would be 0% like the left side. The bottom value is 100% which means to fill the entire height of the display. Just insert the numbers without the "%" symbol. The extension has an internal validation checker to prevent invalid items from being added. Both the right and bottom values are supposed to be greater than the left and top values.

  5. If I dont need a layout in the popup area, can I remove it?

    Yes, simply place your mouse over the item and you will get the close button on the top right side of the item. Pressing this button will permanently remove the item, though it is pretty simple to add new layouts later.

  6. Can I rearrange the items in the popup area?

    Yes, simply drag and drop the items to their new places. All these changes are permanent. You can add a new item from the sidebar and it will be appended to the list. Now you can drop it to a new grid to fit your need.

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    storageto keep the user-defined layout sizes
    system.displayto get information of all available monitor/display sizes
    activeTabto change the current window layout

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